Jim Coyle – In Between | Album Review

Jim Coyle – In Between


Whack Music 005

9 songs time-27:23

You have just entered the Twilight Zone…Judging from my last few reviews it seems we have entered the era of the mini CD with most clocking in at less than thirty minutes. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Well it’s a fare sight better than including a bunch of second rate filler. But I digress. This effort by Boston based multi instrumentalist-singer-songwriter Jim Coyle is a pleasure to behold with nary a negative vibe to be seen. Ah, good time music where have you been hiding yourself. Well Jim Coyle has found it and revived it to the delight of your humble reviewer. The music here is an amalgamation of various genres. Old time country, rock, folk, blues, bluegrass and who knows what else under God’s blue sky meet up here to produce a joyous good time for all, abetted by a gem of a backing crew of musicians.

Do what you can now while you can is the sentiment of the feel good “Meter’s Always Running”. Electric slide guitar, sax, accordion and stride piano nicely back up Jim and his background singer’s here. The guy has a great every man voice. Country roots via fiddle, acoustic guitar, banjo and upright bass propel the nifty little ditty that is “Back In Town Again”. “Bar Room Gentleman” is the tale of an orderly drinker. Bluegrass meets its’ close cousin country music for the traditional fiddle tune “Lonesome Fiddle Blues”.

Fiddle shows its’ self again in a sort of lazy Sunday afternoon song-“Maybe”. Dang it just keeps getting better. The country “Hand You’re Dealt” is an optimist’s anthem to the accompaniment of jaunty banjo, fiddle, mandolin and upright bass. A lovely clarinet and sax fueled instrumental is next up with “Waltz For The World”. The title tune “In Between” bemoans always being “The monkey in the middle” that is helped along with some fleet fingered electric slide guitar. Things get wrapped up with “Pond Skating”, a lovely instrumental except for a chorus of “ews and ahs”. Electric piano and acoustic guitar give a shimmering quality.

Ok, the only bad thing about this recording being short is that it’s short and it leaves you wanting more of this pleasurable sound. Alrighty then…give it another spin. It’s just a wonderful time this one!

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