Jesper Theis – The Tide Will Turn Again | Album Review

Jesper Theis – The Tide Will Turn Again

self release

11 songs time – 42:45

Stark, sparse and for the most part acoustic music from the gravel-throated singer-songwriter from Denmark Jesper Theis. The recording was accomplished by recording the proceedings live to one central microphone with no overdubbing. Jesper instruments of choice are resonator guitar, acoustic guitar and banjo. His backing musicians contribute resonator and acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, organ, accordion, doublebass, drums and percussion. His all original songs receive his world-weary gruff vocal delivery. Although at times, very infrequently, the lyrics have a positive bent the delivery is of the “Debbie Downer” variety. There are some melodic and energetic instrumental moments.

The musical interplay of guitar, harmonica and snappy drums belie the pessimistic lyrical content of “You Don’t Listen”. “The Tide Will Turn Again” amounts to the narrator telling his woman that it isn’t good for her to be alone. “Blue Eyed Jane” laments the tale of a girl whose marriage and life hit the rocks. A nifty jazzy bass and snare intro kick-off “Concrete House Of Pain”. The saving grace of the downer sentiment of “Going To The Rathole” is a melodic banjo line.

The sprightly banjo makes another appearance along with slide resonator on “Closing Time Blues”. Back to “Downersville” with “I’m Already Dead”. “Let Me Put Your Mind At Ease” has an uplifting and caring lyric delivered in a depressing fashion. He preaches to a no-account person on “You Just Keep Fooling Around”. The slide resonator on this one takes me down to the Delta.

Ok, some will see this as art. A bit too bleak for my taste, but the instrumental interplay I find intriguing. I suppose an acquired taste. I’m a bit taken aback by the lack of vocal melody. Perhaps the more adventurous of you will find enjoyment here.

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