JD3 & The Jondo Trio – Something Good | Album Review

JD3 & The Jondo Trio – Something Good


self release

11 songs time – 44:41

This four piece outfit spearheaded by Nate Mosley on guitar and gritty vocals defies complete description. They go from heavy handed rock to more of a melodic tone and various applications back and forth. The powerful rhythm section of drummer Paul Osborn and bassist Stu Way is fleshed out by the keyboards and horns of Chris Dafforn. They execute the all original songs with professionalism.

Nate’s gruff voice holds up well over the often heavy instrumental assault as first demonstrated on “Restless Soul”, a bit of a hard rock anthem, a commanding kick off to the CD. The attack doesn’t let up on “No Fools”. He unleashes a biting guitar solo before song’s end. Organ and horns adds to the funky groove of “Big Daddy”. It helps that Nate has a Big Daddy voice. “Tangientially” mellows and slows things down with a wistful groove abetted by melodic guitar shadings.

You want hard hitting grittiness? Try “Texas” on for size. As things progress I just can’t get enough of Nate’s warmly gruff vocalizations. “By And By” surely keeps the energy flowing. The funk returns on “Holding On Tight” with the horns beefing up the punchy vibe. The sh*t kickin’ resumes on the assertive “Have A Little Faith”.

“Try, Try, Try” is a plaintive slow burning flame of a song. Nate lets loose with a soulfully powerful guitar solo. The narrator’s frustration and desperation are vented on “Rocks At The Moon” after a thundering drum-guitar intro. The song maintains an almost tribal beat. The show closes out with power chords blazing in “Whatchucan” going out as things came in.

Well crafted rock with occasional roots, funk and country tinges. This is no jam band free-for-all, their assault is well orchestrated and delivers emotion. Not forgetting the wizened lyrical content. The heavy guitars combined with the complimentary backing band and the raw vocals makes for a match sent by the Rock Gods. Make no mistake this is prime stuff!

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