JC Crossfire – AWOL Blues | Album Review

jccrossfirecdJC Crossfire –¬†AWOL Blues


self release

10 songs time-40:12

South Florida native Joe Cannizzo(JC) is the driving force behind JC Crossfire. He is an above average guitar player with an average voice. His guitar really goes into orbit at times, but his songs suffer from mediocre lyrics. He needs to seek out some outside material to put his chops to. The rhythm section and keyboard players are competent. One of his songs kind of covers it -“It Is What It Is”.

The afore mentioned song is blues rock as is everything else here. Sounds kind of thin to me. He pulls off a real tricky guitar riff on “Working Man”. One lyric is “Gonna play the blues til the day I die”…When is gonna start? It’s all blues rock. Some very good until the lyrics kick in. Marybeth DeSarle lends her soulful voice to a duet on “Sweet Thing”.

Joe comments on his sexual prowess at his age and condition on the forthright “I Can Still Pump”. We get nice slide and regular guitar on “Plain & Simple”, but there come those lyrics again. Matt “Guitar” Murphy contributes the first song he has co-written in twenty years “Sunflower Mississippi” containing the closest thing to blues guitar included here.

This is the part of my job that I hate. This CD just doesn’t do it for me. There are bits and pieces of fine music…some tasty guitar or piano here and there, but not much in the way of consistency. Hopefully these guys can pull it together. JC is a hot shot guitar slinger in need of a good singer and stronger material. It is what it is.

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