Jason Ricci & The Bad Kind – My Chops Are Rolling | Album Review

Jason Ricci & The Bad Kind – My Chops Are Rolling

EllerSoul Records


11 Tracks 50:57

New Orleans has been the home for Jason Ricci since 2011. He was born in Maine, and spent time in Memphis and Raleigh NC along his life’s journey. Punk music was his original music calling, with harmonica chosen as an instrument. With his mom’s encouragement he got into blues music. Ricci married musician Kaitlin Dibble in 2017 and she appears on this release. His skills with performing and playing the harmonica has garnered him numerous awards and nominations over the years. There are a dozen releases by Ricci and other special guest slots. For this release, Ricci sings and plays his harmonica. Joining him on the recording is the Bad Kind Band including John Lisi (guitar, dobro & vocals), Andy Kurz (bass & backup vocals), John Perkins (drums & backup vocals) and Kaitlin Dibble (vocals & backup vocals). There are 2 covers and the remaining cuts written by Ricci, Lisi or the band members. The music is blues with some rock and other genres mixed in.

“Break In The Rain” is a rollicking opening cut. The band really gets into a strong jam with Ricci’s harmonica and Lisi’s guitar blazing the trail. John Lisi wrote this tune. The band turns to some down home blues on “Don’t Badger The Witness”. Ricci wrote this one, and it is a very good tune. NFL allegiance to the Saints and a dislike of the Falcons is the basis for the 3rd tune. “F_ck The Falcons (Who Dat Nation)” is a non radio friendly pole at the rest of the NFC South competitors. The Led Zeppelin classic “Going To California” is the first cover tune on the CD. It is an instrumental version of this classic with Ricci’s harp leading the way on this 5 ½ minute romp. The second cover is on a song by the great Barbara Lynn. “If You Should Lose Me” features Kaitlin Dibble on the vocals for this gulf coast soulful classic.

The title tune “My Chops Are Rolling” is up next. It is a modern funky blues tune with great energy. There is some fun on the funky “Sleeping On Biscuits” and it’s reference to KFC meals and other food. Lisi cuts loose on his guitar on this one. “Snow Flakes And Horses” is a crazed tune, with more rock than blues in the music. I like the long slow grinding blues tune “The Way I Hurt Myself”. It is a bit on the darker side but the blues can be that way. Musically the tune is outstanding with plenty of room to stretch it out timing out at 7 ½ minutes. “Think It Over” is a John Lisi penned tune. This one is more a country blues feel. Ricci plays his harp in the style of a country fiddle in the tune. He really plays his tush off. Closing out the release is “Who Dat Nation – Radio Version”. It is a remake of 3rd cut with a more family friendly set of lyrics.

This is a strong performance by Ricci and all of his band. There is variety of musical types and very strong playing. The mood is more upbeat than some of the past Ricci releases. There are strong original tunes and the covers showed some originality to them. (Non-NFL fans can skip the 2 football songs and still get a good earful of music.)

New Orleans and marriage seem to be agreeing with Jason Ricci. Let’s hope more great harmonica music is ahead.

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