Jamie Thyer And The Worried Men – Café Racer | Album Review

Jamie Thyer And The Worried Men – Café Racer

Road Dog Records


10 songs time-35:55

This power trio from the U.K. plays what was once called hard rock. Aside from the vocals it verges on heavy metal. It’s all about speed freak guitar and power chords. The rough vocals are passable and fit the genre, but the lyrics are lame and/or dumb. The lyrics are secondary as the songs are a vehicle for blazing guitars. The rhythm section is tight and is there at every turn. Actually the three instrumentals included here are quite melodic and riveting. This CD would of worked better sans vocals. If you are a fan of Black Sabbath or Spinal Tap you will feel right at home.

The formula is basically the same throughout with heavy and fast paced guitar soloing, the only songs having a more enjoyable structure tend to be the instrumentals. Just to give you an insight into the lyrical craft at play here, the following are the complete lyrics to “Hot Valves” repeated over and over-“I don’t want nobody to git me nothing, open up the door let me get it myself”.

Now for the good news. On the first of the instrumental tunes “Green Lights” nicely melodic guitar is played over strummed acoustic guitar and un-credited organ, no drums on this one. These songs are where Jamie’s guitar skills are shone in their best light. “The Harlot’s Ghost” builds in much the same way, then the rhythm section kicks in and it takes off to string bending nirvana with strong melodies. The title track is all electric power trio. It’s power will dust out your speakers for sure.

Aside from the strong instrumental tracks this isn’t my kind of music. There are tons of fans around the globe that eat this kind of stuff up. Jamie Thyer is a gifted guitar slinger without question. It comes down to a matter of taste. Air guitarists will have a field day with this record. I will quote a great man as I have done once before in the past.

I think Batman said it best when he said-“To each their own said the lady as she kissed her cow”.

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