James Buddy Rogers – Everytime – Live Blues | Album Review

James Buddy Rogers – Everytime – Live Blues


JBR Records

5 songs time-21:42

Ok, the good news…Canadian blues-rock guitarist-singer James Buddy Rogers has assembled a first rate live recording with a top notch rhythm section. An interesting side note is that this was the second time that drummer Mike Woodford played with the band. This guy is a quick study. He clicks right in with bass man Slammin’ Mike Wedge.

Now for the bad news…It’s a mini-CD clocking in at just less than twenty two minutes. How does a self respecting reviewer such as I write a full length review with such little to work with?

Well, here goes. The guy happens to possess a smooth voice and surely knows his way around his guitar. The songs are good and all originals. Blues-rock hardly ever relies on sophisticated lyrics, no big deal.

Things kick off with a strong instrumental shuffle “Puddle Jumper” that shows off his dexterous skills on his axe. Blues meets blues-rock on “Come Back To Me”, another shuffle that moseys along quite nicely. James’ voice is sturdy and smooth here as throughout the CD. The title track is a slow burning blues with yearning vocals and tasty bent guitar notes. Now for a full steam ahead all out blues rocker with rapid fire guitar galore. The band shuffles off with the energetic shuffle “All I Need”.

The only thing that puzzles me is that as along as this was recorded live at The Blues Can in Canada, is why didn’t they use more of the recorded show?

Or they could put something on us in a studio recording. Here’s hoping we hear more from James Buddy Rogers and company.

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