Jake Chisholm – No More Sorrow | Album Review

jakechisholmcdJake Chisholm – No More Sorrow


self release

10 songs time-36:17

Toronto, Canada native Jake Chisholm kicks major blues-rock a** on this, his first release since 2013’s “Diamond In A Coalmine” with his diverse guitar attack paired with his cool swagger-infused soulful voice. The specters of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower and others color his music while he retains his individuality. Jake along with band mates Sly Juhas on drums and Chris Banks on bass create a solid blues-rock power trio, along with a handful of guests. This rhythm section is as good as it gets. Their rock solid foundation in conjunction with Jake’s seamless guitar leads and rhythms propel the music.

The title song contains a nice guitar tone along with a insanely catchy riff and Sly Juhas’ tricky drum pattern. Jake’s voice was made for this music. Blues-rock meets rockabilly on “I’m On Fire”, as Jake takes the listeners back to rockabilly music’s heyday with his rockabilly guitar playing. “Water can’t cool this fire and whiskey just makes it rise”. Paul Reddick co-wrote and adds his harmonica to “Weigh You Down”, the only song where Jake shares songwriting credit. It features another trademark solid riff.

“Is There Another Man” is a pleading tale of love gone off the rails. Jimi Hendrix via Robin Trower is channeled on soulful jaunt that is “Merry-Go-Round”. The same influence applies to “Just Because You want To” as the vocal floats along on guitar that appears to be played through a Leslie speaker. “Like holdin’ sunshine in the palm of your hand” is a semi-cosmic lyric akin to some of Hendrix’s. Jake breaks out his acoustic guitar backed by the rhythm section for the back porch feel of “Swamp Stomp”.

Stevie Ray Vaughn’s influence can be felt on “I’m Still Alone” with it’s SRV-style rhythm guitar. The live recording “I Want You The Way You Are” conjures up the sound of classic Robin Trower, complete with a killer guitar solo. Guitar feedback leads into ” You Never Will”, a slow and deliberate excursion that trails off into the ether.

As I’ve been declaring for years, there must be something in the water up there in Canada, as they seem to have a real handle on the blues and its’ cousin blues-rock. Jake and his crew have produced a winner by anyone’s standards. Every element here flows together seamlessly to deliver a very satisfying listen.

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