Holly Hyatt – Wild Heart | Album Review

Holly Hyatt – Wild Heart


self release

12 songs time-45:52

Out of British Columbia, Canada comes Holly Hyatt the blue-eyed soul sister singer-bassist delivered a Kumbaya-A-Thon of soul-r&b pop stuff. Holly possesses a hearty soulful voice combined with good bass skills. Co-producer and one man horn section Clinton Swanson along with Holly create a cohesive sound. Positivity abounds in many of the lyrics. Not a guitar solo to be found. Guitars are used solely for rhythm here. Holly wrote or co-wrote all songs.

The title track reveals Holly’s soulful and yearning voice. “River Flows” contains her sturdy bass line. Clinton delivers a blazing sax solo on the funky horn driven “It’s Time For Love”. “So Close” features a hushed vocal and “Sound Of Philadelphia” flute over the horns. “Midnight Moonsong” is funky with the nice inclusion of electric piano. Holly lays down a solid bass line on the soulful ballad “If I Called You”.

Reggae rhythm guitar underpins the self explanatory “Create Unity”. “Get Funky” is what else. Oh there is a bit of a brief guitar solo. More “Sound Of Philadelphia” in the radio friendly seventies through back “Sunny Day In January”. Acoustic guitar and electric piano infuse the slow soul ballad “Rainbows”. More of the same on the closing track “With You Now”.

Strong soul-fueled vocals, background vocals galore, funky rhythm guitars, horns, atmospheric keyboards and feel good lyrics it’s all here along with clean production values. If this is your groove you’ve come to the right place.

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