Henry Gray & Bob Corritore Sessions Vol 2 – Cold Chills | Album Review

Henry Gray & Bob Corritore Sessions Vol 2 – Cold Chills

Vizztone Label Group


15 tracks

Bob Corritore has issued the second volume of his collaborative work with the great pianist and singer Henry Gray. Recorded over 20 or so years and spanning 1998 to 2018, Bob gives us a mix of stuff that has appeared elsewhere but is mostly newly released stuff. A host of players support Gray and Corritore here; Henry visited Bob annually at Bob’s Rhythm Room in Phoenix after visiting in 1996.  Henry could no longer fly after the 2018 session due to his health and passed on January 17th this year right after his 95th birthday, so this is a fitting tribute to the great musician.

The sessions included the likes of Bob Margolin, John Brim, Robert Lockwood, Jr., Eddie Taylor, Jr. Tail Dragger, Jimi “Primetime” Smith, Chief Schabuttie Gillliame, Johnny Rapp, Chris James, Kirk Fletcher, Illinois Slim, Johnny Burgin, Chico Chism, Bob Stroger, Troy Sandow, Paul Thomas, Patrick Rynn, Pops McFarlane, Mario Moreno, Brian Fahey, Steve Cushing, and Marty Dodson. A host of talent along with the fantastic Henry Gray and Bob Corritore.

The first session they recorded at the club produced “Ain’t No Use,” which is the 10th track, and “The Twist” which follows it sequentially and was from their last session. One can contrast Gray’s aging vocals over time (never an issue and he does an amazing job even at 94) but his piano remained steady and jumping when it needed to.  From the opening strains of the title track (where Henry lays out some slick piano and truly emotive vocals while Corritore blows some dirty harp and Bob Margolin hits us with some fine guitar) to “Going Down Slow” to close the album (with Johnny Rapp laying out mean licks with Henry and Bob) we get to hear some stellar tracks.

I know Bob and Henry had a wonderful relationship and Henry’s passing is something Corritore and we all regret.  Thanks to Bob for capturing this great music for all eternity for us to hear!

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