Hamilton Loomis – Basics | Album Review

Hamilton Loomis – Basics


Ham-Bone Records

13 songs time-74:01

Texan Hamilton Loomis presents a very rhythmic funk-R&B-soul album with barely a hint of blues. Think Prince with the occasional blues harmonica. He possesses a hearty and soulful set of pipes. Loomis wrote or co-wrote all of the songs. He plays mostly rhythm guitar with an occasional guitar solo. He supplies keyboards as well. Fabian Hernandez adds saxophone at times. The first track and the CD itself is dedicated to bringing awareness to the rare disease Congenital Hyperinsulinism(HI) that his son Bo Jordan was diagnosed with.

“Sugar Baby” is an infectious slice of funk spotlighting Hamilton’s delightfully soulful voice along with his harmonica chops. HI kids are referred to as “Sugar Babies”. “If I Would’ve” is an upbeat tale about the big “IF” in life. “Candles And Wine” is about romancing delivered over a riff that won’t quit. Hamilton’s voice is super smooth on the mellow soul of “Reason”.

Heavy guitar chords, harmonica and tasty slide guitar courtesy of Chris Eger power the crunchy “Ain’t What It Ain’t”. “Breaking Down” is another slow groove R&B tune with a nice guitar solo. “Getting So Big” is a tender remembrance of his mom commenting on his maturation as a slow R&B song. Hamilton breaks out the electric piano for the snappy “Come and Get Me”.

Here comes another heavy guitar riff on “Love Can Do”. Nicely done. “Prayer” is a heartfelt ditty that touches the heart strings. It features a lovely soaring guitar solo. “Funky Little Brother” is about what else, all things funky. This one brings the Prince comparison full circle. The “Funky Little Brothers & Sisters Jam” is tacked on at the song’s end. It consists of four of his protégés from the Houston area, raging in age from 13 to 16. Yep, they get funky too.

Hamilton manages to assemble a solid funk, soul, R&B record for modern times. Those fond of these genres should find much to like here. He handled the production of his quality musicians. Check it out.

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