Gracie Curran & friends – Come Undone | Album Review

Gracie Curran & friends – Come 00Undone

Vizztone Label Group

8 songs time-32:06

In the five years since I reviewed her freshman album Proof Of Love, it appears that her vocal skills have been super charged along with much of her delivery. It’s not that her singing was sub par previously, it’s just that there is a noticeable improvement. Has she been to the crossroads and made a bargain with Lucifer? Nay! Whatever the case there is discernible improvement.

She has enlisted a top notch roster of musicians including Damian Fowler, Victor Wainwright, Reba Russell and Mark Earley among others. Every note of music seems to be well thought out to attain the just right musical atmosphere. Great care was taken in the production by Damon Fowler and Gracie.

The slow but intense R&B of the title song bolstered by the horn section gets things off to a funky start. At times Gracie’s voice is so forceful in her vocal attack renders a few of her lyrics to be difficult to hear. Right away some of the words get blurred. It doesn’t really take away from the powerful vibe, but a lyric sheet would of come in handy.

Victor Wainwright is featured on organ here. The acoustic guitars and backing vocals as the only accompaniment of “Ernestine” give it an airy country-ish feel. It appears to be the name of a town. “Stay Up” kicks thing up with the first rate horn section of Mark Earley and Doug Woolverton and Gracie’s exuberant vocal.

“The Things We Love” bring us back to a higher intensity level. The guitar here as overall fits the mood of the tune. “Sweet Sativa” is an ode to the killer weed. Full disclosure I never heard that term for it. A particular strain I see. Nice easy flowing slide guitar on this one presumably by Damon Fowler, as that is among his calling cards. The driving and sassy “If Mama Ain’t Happy” harkens back to female boogie-woogie tunes of old. It showcases the piano styling’s of Mr. Victor Wainwright.

Are you ready for more deeply felt intensity? Then get set for the slow burn of “Love Is The Cruelest Thing I Know” with Wurlitzer piano by Matt Walker. Some of the best lyrics of this album. Things are concluded front porch slide guitar style as Gracie yearns for home and some body heat on “Chasing Sunsets”.

Nothing but a first class presentation on this nifty little album. Minor quibble-the relatively short length, but heck, not sure if my brain could handle more of the emotions contained in this potent package.

In my review of her first effort I predicted better things to come and here it is.

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