Goin’ Down South – Juke Joint Romp | Album Review

Goin’ Down South – Juke Joint Romp


self release

7 songs time-28:48

Goin’ Down South are a bare bones guitar-bass-drums-harmonica trio out of Chicago carrying on the tradition of Delta and Hill Country Blues. The main focus here is the loose grooves, with non-sophisticated lyrics. This CD clocks in at just less than thirty minutes. John Liggett provides vocals, guitar and harmonica. All songs are jointly composed by the band.

The title song is a toe tapper with repetitive lyrics that sets the climate for most of what follows. This is sh*t-kickin’ music that transports you to a broken down southern juke joint. Harmonica plays over the incessant beat. Take a stroll down Beale St. to the loose groove and melodic guitar of “Keep On Rollin'”. “Delta Rose” relies on a happy-go-lucky vibe. The Hill Country trance-like repetitive approach is taken on “Good Girl”. Shades of R.L. Burnside.

“Sweet Mama” slows things down. What’s southern blues without a visit to the watermelon patch/ “just like a watermelon fresh off the vine”. His baby is the blues to his rock and roll on “She’s The Blues”. The proceedings finish off with the nice loping beat of “Let Loose”.

This music is about having a nicely sloppy toe-tappin’ good time. John Liggett’s casual vocal delivery suits this music to a “T”. The energetic rhythm section is with him on every funky turn as he plies his magic on guitar and harmonica. A Southern Culture On The Skids hokey southern vibe hovers over this recording. This stuff is about letting go of your cares. Who needs deep lyrics when you got such a crazy rockin’ band. Throw some saw dust down on the floor and let it all hang out!

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