Ghost Hounds – You Broke Me | Album Review

Ghost Hounds – You Broke Me

Maple House Records

9 tracks

This rocking blues band from Pittsburg means business. Featuring two guitar players, bass, drums and keys and a little harp, they deliver some solid blues rock for all to enjoy. They debuted with Roses Are Black in 2019 and then did a live album recorded while on tour in 2019.  A Little Calamity followed that and now You Broke Me gives listener lots more to savor.

Front man Tré  Nation has grit and grime in his vocals that are perfect for blues and rock. Guitarists Thomas Tull and Johnny Baab (a displaced Brooklynite) provide the riffs and guitar thrills.  Bennett Miller is on bass, Blaise Lanzetta is on drums and Joe Munroe handles all things keys and they drive the groove that makes the band happen.

“Baby We’re Through” is a big blues rocker with guts and grit. Lots of great riffs, a super groove and powerful vocals. “Smokestack Lightning” gets a rousing cover with guitar and piano galore. The title track follows, a stinging original with some wickedly hot guitar licks and dirty harp and vocals. Full of bluesy grit and grime, it’s a great cut. “Willie Brown” opens with some slick harp and a guitar groove; the rest of the band joins in and it’s a fun ride in this rocking instrumental piece. Through Being Over You” is next; it’s a great slower number that tells a story of getting over relational woes. Filled with guitar riffs and more howling vocals, I enjoyed it.

“Still You” is an excellent slow blues where the lead vocals and organ testify to us and then the lead guitar gives us an emotive solo. Things pick up with ”On Your Trail,” a rollicking and romping good time. Honky tonk piano and an all out good effort by all make this one really fun. “Lonesome Graveyard” is a slow and dark blues from Lightning Hopkins and the acoustic guitar and deep base sound with piano accompaniment are really well done.  This is some somber and moving stuff here. They show some more diversity with the acoustic version of “Through Being Over You” to conclude the set.  It’s a nice stylistic change of pace and a cool ending to a very cool album overall.

This is their fourth album and it’s a great one. I enjoyed this one a lot. I’m glad to have been introduced to the Ghost Hounds and hope that they and I can meet up for a live show one of these days. I recommend this one for all blues lovers!

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