Geoff Achison – Another Mile, Another Minute | Album Review

Geoff Achison – Another Mile, Another Minute

14 tracks – 1hr, 1minute

It is almost ten years since his last studio release but Australian bluesman Geoff Achison is back with a bang on his fourteenth release.  Backed by The  Souldiggers as usual, this epitomises the eclectic musical range and pushes genres. Here you will find all types of influences and note that he has amassed through the years an eclectic mix of Country , jazz , blues and funk notes to boot. Not only is he a wonderful guitarist but a consummate songwriter. His husky vocal tones are akin to Joe Cocker dripping with emotion and style. Here he has written the songs and brought some guests with him to share this musical journey.

Geoff is supported by long time band mates Roger McLachlan on bass guitar , Gerry Pantazis on drums and Richard Tankard on keyboards. It was produced and recorded by Ben Harwood, Rob Harwood and Geoff at HS45 Studios in Melbourne. The balance between vocals and instrumentation is excellent. There is something for everyone here a quality release.

“High Wire” sets the tone with more than a nod to Steely Dan a perfect balancing act .His raspy tone suits the laid back jazzy effect with fine harmonies very mellow . The narrative to “Delta Dave” evokes acoustic tones similar to Johnny Cash really getting to the soul of self confession by a travelling musician. Backing vocals have a haunting refrain and the listener gets a feel for the singers’ destitution. Typically the next song “Working My Way Back Home” is upbeat with a funk driven beat and a smooth yet raspy vocal delivery some good keyboards here. Full throttle shuffle blues is next on “I’m Gonna Ride” with a magnificent harmonica solo by Chris Wilson a song about relationship breakdown you can almost hear the guitar say goodbye.

A favourite highlight is “A New Bad Habit” where the narrator has given up vices such as women and drugs but looking for something to take its place. A good vibe to this horn section blending with slinky keyboard and vocal delivery is a winner. ” I Wish You Were Mine” is bawled out as a self fulfilling prophecy to this one which rolls along well.

The title track ” Another Mile , Another Minute” is a pure blues ballad full of angst and self depreciation has  superb  musical arrangement and flows with passion.” Make No Mistake” again sees him repenting about his life and decisions made, a long tune but with the addition of Shannon Bourne’s burning guitar play out it gives a different kick to the song ,  just effortless. ” Dreaming I’m Awake” is a slow meandering ballad with interesting guitar licks and synthesizer chords. Tempo change to upbeat funk on ” Sum Peeples Got All the Funk” which is heavy on horns and a great groove to get down to. With  drawling vocals it is  a real soundtrack to modern day living.

“Baby Come Back ” keeps the tempo going with a biting guitar solo thrown in for good measure. ” I Need Help” brings tone down again but has a smokey bar room feel, very atmospheric . ” Make My Stand ” sounds pretty anthemic and manages to marry the crescendo of howling keyboards with Geoff’s wailing guitar for a real treat. Last track,  “Front Porch Farewell” is an instrumental gem played on acoustic guitar which is beautifully crafted and a perfect send off to this classy release.

This is a very accomplished release full of great instrumentation, differing music styles, excellent guitar work blissful harmonies and a rhythm and tone in abundance from a man at the top of his game. Hope it isn’t ten years to the next release. A worthwhile addition to your music collection.

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