Generation Blues Experience – Private Angel | Album Review

generationbluescdGeneration Blues Experience – Private Angel

R Music, Inc.

8 tracks total- running time/40:43

Founded in 2012, the band originates from Los Angeles, California. Members include Ray Goren on lead guitar; Albert Trepagnier, Jr. on drums; Tadg Galleran on bass; Lester Lands on guitar; Jamie Powell on harmonica; & Sammy Lee on lead guitar.

The band calls themselves “organic blues” mixed with a bit of Jimi Hendrix & Muddy Waters for good measure. Band members range in age from 14 years old to 80 years old. This wide range of generations gives them leverage for a huge plethora of knowledge, experience, as well as being on the cusp for what is new and hip.

The band website quotes “Ray Goren has musically time-traveled and returned to join a band of his elders with command of his instrument, vocals and feelings well beyond his years. His talent and commitment promise a limitless future to be eagerly awaited.”

I did have some favorites on the CD. Let’s start with track 1, “Little Mama”. This tune has a funky boogie-woogie feel, solid guitar work, & is a catchy ditty that will stay roaming around in your head for days! Track 3, “Crazy”, has a unique delta blues style and sound to it. I enjoyed the harmonica work and bluesy finger guitar work on this song.

Song 5, “Katrina”, was also on my list of favorites. The rustic blues voice of the lead singer and captivating New Orleans sound reminded me of the old classic “Caledonia”. Track 6, “Sugar Momma” has a peaceful, slow, harmonica filled take me out to the dance floor manner.

The last song that really grabbed my attention was the final cut, “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”. This is a classic piece by Bill Withers that the band does live on the album. It is interesting to hear the audience connecting the music as well as the guitar work really getting down on this one. I always find it unique to see how the audience and band feed and interact off of each other.

The latest release from Generation Blues Experience is sure to have you dancing in your chair. From the deep down, soul blues vocals and the excellent harmonica sounds, this CD was an enjoyable listening experience. There are also some funky horns on a few of the selections that added to the musical capability and groove of the band. Though I had never heard of the band prior to Private Angel, I will be sure to keep and ear and an eye out for their future works.

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