Fool Mule – The Funny Side Of Rhythm And Blues | Album Review

Fool Mule – The Funny Side Of Rhythm And Blues

Koko Mojo Records

28 songs time-62:38

This collection of obscure rhythm & blues music is supposed to be the funny side of the genre, but the songs largely fall into slightly humorous and goofy categories. Many of the artists put the antics in front of the music. Some of the musical accompaniment is sparse while others are low in the mix. Whatever the case, many of the songs stand on their own as songs.

One of the two names I recognize here is Big Jay McNeely the saxophonist with his “Psycho Serenade”, although Little Sonny Warner handles the vocal. Plenty of screams, sound effects and noises accompany the vocal. This would make for a good Halloween tune. Honeyboy Bryant contributes a less spooky song about a “Funny Looking Thing”. The instrumental “Ghost Satellite” by Bob And Jerry enjoyably eerie with its’ musical atmosphere. The only other artist I recognize is New Orleans’ Chris Kenner with his song inspired by The Coasters, “Don’t Make No Noise”.

The only use of double entendre here is in Sonny Hines’ “Has Anybody Seen My Kitty”, where the band repeats a certain word. On second thought I guess it is single entendre. Eddy Jones & The Cyclones’ “Say What?” also falls into Coasters territory, which is a good place to be. “I Gotta New Car” by Big Boy Groves has a similar feel particularly with a deep voiced vocal. “Tangi Paho” by Sonny Starns is kinda cool, but don’t ask me what it means.

Danny Brown’s “Standing On The Corner” has an easy rolling groove with horns, harmonica and piano. I like the cool lyrics and groove of this one that describes cockroaches playing baseball in the house. John J Moses delivers a way cool funny narrative over a blues-r&b groove on “Night Out”. JJ Jackson’s “Oh My Liddy” includes some wacky, nonsensical words. The out of breath vocal of Satch Arnold on “On The Run” competes with the speed freak guitar and sax.

The title track “Fool Mule” by Dossie Terry is a horn driven and fun barnyard yarn. Bo Diddely’s “Road Runner” is taken full speed ahead by Freddy Koenig, that has you breathing hard at songs’ end. K.C. Mojo Jackson’s “Love Blood Hound” follows suit in the speed competition to close out the album.

Cool rhythm and blues music, goofy vibes and no shortage of crazy wailing saxes, what else could a cool cat ask for?

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