Eva Carboni – Smoke and Mirrors | Album Review

Eva Carboni – Smoke and Mirrors

Mad Ears Productions



12 songs time – 52:22

Sultry chanteuse Eva Carboni from the Italian island of Sardinia is a powerhouse of a vocalist. Thankfully her accent is minor, causing a few words to pass by your ears, but no biggie. Her voice is so strong and sexy that you hardly notice. The production and songwriting of Andy Littlewood (Eva co-writes one) give her a good palate to draw from. Andy also contributes guitars, keyboards, bass, and backing vocals. The rest of the players, including three lead guitarists, build a strong foundation for her vocalizing.

Right out of the box, “Building a Wall” displays her vocal capabilities. A thumping bass line propels things along with Brit Mick Simpson laying down scorching guitar lines.The title track “Smoke and Mirrors” is dramatic in vocals and Giovanni Bruno’s guitar matches her intensity. Andrius Linsdell’s haunting guitar on “Gonna Find a Way” hints at Robin Trower’s textured approach. Needless to say, Eva’s voice soars here as it does throughout. Mick Simpson makes his second dramatic guitar appearance on “Call My Name”, squeezing out every note.

It is crunch time for Giovanni Bruno as he lets loose on a heavy arena rock wah-wah infused guitar assault on “Crossed a Line”. Stylized vocals meet front porch bluesy acoustic guitar and harmonica(Dave Hunt) on “Bad Blood”. “Ain’t got no time for the vampire blues”. Late-night jazzy piano and upright bass create a cabaret atmosphere, juxtaposed against Mick Simpson’s mournful electric guitar. “Sweet Mystery” continues the cabaret theme. Littlewood supplies ringing guitars to “Midnight Blue”.

Acoustic and acoustic slide guitars create a blues meets the Middle East vibe for “Goin’ Back Home”. The one song that Eva co-wrote, “That Night”, maintains a slow-burning intensity that is enhanced by keyboard strings. Not to mention it is sexy sounding as all hell. Mick Simpson here on full out blues guitar as the CD and “Another Door Closes”. Aw shucks…This lady’s voice can move mountains.

Modern, but not slick music. Whatever she is selling, I am buying. Incorporating blues, but just a pinch plus elements of jazz and the influence of the standards this CD should appeal to music lovers of every stripe. I give it The Bluesdog Seal Of Approval!

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