EG Kight and Lisa Biales – Peach Pickin’ Mamas | Album Review

peachpickinmamascdEG Kight and Lisa Biales – Peach Pickin’ Mamas


3 tracks

Peach Pickin’ Mamas combines the fine vocals of Georgia’s peach of a blues diva with Ohio’s belle of the blues.  EG Kight has worked to produce Lisa Biales’ music and they are now appearing together as The Peach Pickin’ Mamas.  The three songs on this sampler come from Biales’ last album, Belle of the Blues, which was produced by Kight and featured Biales singing solo on the songs (which are performed here by the duo on this CD).

This sampler begins with some nice fingerpicking and then Kight comes in on vocals to start “Graveyard Dead Blues.”   Biales swaps with Kight on the vocals in this version and they show us that they are a great team.  Written by Kight, Biales and Tom Horner, the piano and guitar blaze as the women sing threats to their men. In no uncertain terms do they ascertain the penalty for cheating on them.  It’s a cool song performed superbly by the two women.

“Mask” features the duo on a song that was written by Kight.  The lyrics revolve around the mask that they sing about figuratively wearing that hides their true emotions.  It is an emotional ballad with some great organ backing that Biales and Kight nail.

They close with “Peach Pickin’ Mama,” a tune Biales wrote with Richard Fleming.  On the original record’s liner notes Biales says EG sings, “I’m A Peach Pickin’ Mama from down Georgia way.”  EG then says, “Peaches come from Georgia,” and Biales then says, “We have peaches in Ohio, they are just smaller.” So as the girls compare their peaches, we get a cool duet with a slick harp playing in support.

Intended to promote their joint touring as a duet, this savory little sampler offers a nice appetizer to the listener in order to whet their interest in these two fine singers and musicians who are sharing the stage together after sharing the studio.  I can’t wait to see them perform together sometime, hopefully soon!  They are a great duo!

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