Dudley Taft – Simple Life | Album Review

Dudley Taft – Simple Life


American Blues Artist Group

12 songs time – 47:35

Midwesterner Dudley Taft is a straight ahead guitar rocker with all strings blazing. Power trio guitar rock with multiple overlaid guitar parts. From the looks of him on the cover with cowboy hat and long beard you could be led to believe this music would be s**t kickin’ Texas blues-rock or some such. There is the occasional lull in the storm until the guys come charging back full blast. Dudley’s voice is serviceable to the music. Three different drummers and two different bass players are employed at different times.

The vocal is echoed on the some what hard pop rock of “Give Me A Song”, a paen to true love. Thundering tom-toms are the lead in to this romp. Most of the songs follow the same pattern of a heavy guitar assault with an assortment of riffs. A close comparison would be to Foghat, Wishbone Ash and others of a similar stripe.

The sole cover song here is Warren Haynes’ slow burning “If Heartaches Were Nickels” with a textured and blues inspired guitar approach. The main riff to “Pouring Down” easily falls into the realm of the British band Free “Never Fade” is a slower heavy tune with a brief middle interlude. The closer “Back To You” is a virtual guitar frenzy.

This music is a throwback to the heady guitar band days of the seventies. The powerful rhythm sections hold everything down while Dudley’s guitars cut a mighty swath through the ether. The guitar tones are clear and crisp. Well crafted production values are at work here. The lyrical content is par for the course. The joys of loud, wild guitar fueled rip roaring rock are here to be relived. Dudley’s music is sure to get your engine revved up.

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