Diane Blue – Look For The Light | Album Review

Diane Blue – Look For The Light


Regina Royale Records

10 songs time-46:03

Diane Blue is the proverbial triple threat: singer, songwriter and harmonica player. With her deeply soulful voice she is part of Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters as well as fronting her own band. Ronnie Earl and former Broadcaster Lorne Entress and current one Dave Limina contribute guitar, drums and keyboards. A few other New Englanders pitch in as well. Diane wrote six of the well crafted songs included here.

“If I Could Talk To My Mama” strikes directly to my heartstrings as it is almost the one year anniversary of my mom’s passing. Diane’s yearning vocalizing pleads for one more chance to talk to her mother. It’s a feeling I know all too well. Ronnie Earl’s searching guitar notes together with the piano and organ compliment the solemnity of the sentiment. As an added bonus all the musicians get the opportunity to stretch out as the tune clocks in at just under eleven minutes.

Diane handles J.J. Cale’s “Same Old Blues” with that deeply soulful voice of hers, making it even more bluesy than the original. Her bountiful harmonica chops along with Chris Viterello on guitar seal the deal. Guitar master Ronnie Earl makes his first of two appearances on “I Never Knew”, helped out greatly by his cohort Dave Limina’s organ and newcomer Brooks Milgate’s piano. It’s a wonder to behold Ronnie coaxing beautiful “blue” notes from his axe.

Dave once again jazzes the proceedings with his organ styling’s on “That’s A Pretty Good Love”. Kevin Barry’s mellow lap steel sits nicely on the cushion of piano and organ on the soothing rhythm & blues ballad “Wishin”. Diane and band nestle right into Magic Sam’s blues chestnut “Easy, Easy, Baby”. Dave and Brooks display more of their keyboard magic here as Diane adds a touch of her harmonica.

Ballad time again on the original “Reach Out For Me” with the usual first rate vocal. Kevin Barry lends some lovely mellow guitar to clinch the atmosphere. “Im Gonna Make You Love Me” makes its’ point short and sweet in the old timey barrelhouse style. Mr. Milgate nails the vibe on the ivories. “Knock, Knock” conjures up an old school New Orleans groove.

Chris Vitterello rips off a nifty blues guitar solo joined by an under current of Kevin Barry’s lap steel on “Don’t Box Me In”. The afore mentioned “If I Could Talk To My Mama” is the lovely icing on this cake.

Well crafted R&B and blues in the hands of a gifted singer backed up by a first call group of musicians, this is what makes my job truly satisfying. You guys need to support great music like this to ensure it stays around. A welcome addition to any music collection!

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