Corey Ledet – Standing On Faith | Album Review

Corey Ledet – Standing On Faith

Self Released

8 tracks

Corey Ledet continues to build upon the work of zydeco aristocracy like Clifton Chenier and Buckwheat Dural by blending funk, reggae, R&B and maybe even a  little poppy hip hop into his music.  With Ledet, who plays accordion, drums, washboard and sings, are Jesse Delgizzi on guitar, bass, moog and vocals and Cecil Green on keys. Corey and Jesse’s vocals are done well as they play off each other throughout the album.  Ledet wrote all but one of these songs.

The CD opens with a funked-ed up long intro  that was compared to a Prince intro.  He moves into “Push Me Away,” a tune that is partly traditional, with the pumping accordion sound, and partly new, with a reggae infused lyric line.  I enjoyed that one a lot.  “Love Never Felt So Good” takes the posthumously released Michael Jackson tune (that he and Paul Anka first messed with in 1983) and turns it into a funky R&B zydeco tune.  The accordion takes the place of the vocals and weaves it’s way interestingly through the tune; by the end of the song you’ll be nodding how cool that was. The moog and keys makes it sound like an orchestral based cut.  Lots of fun!  “Standing On Faith” is a pop tune with a pumping and driving accordion beat and punching snare.  This title cut is easy and breezy and also a lot of fun.  Ledet testifies and gives thanks to God and offers up a gospelly pop zydeco cut that is enjoyable and cool.  The moog and keys take us out with a big finish.

The R&B  flavored “Take Me There” is a thoughtful ballad that Ledet does well on with impassioned vocals. “New York City (Right On Rhythm” returns to the zydeco tradition with blazing accordion, drum, hoots, trills and hollers.  4:38 of driving and good zydeco fun!  “A good Day” blends reggae and R&B into this song of zydeco optimism and sunshine.  Zydeco R&B closes the set out with “Street Light.”  The accordion feels like a natural extension of R&B as Ledet weaves it into the thread of the song.   Big bass and guitar solos near the finish help funk-ify and sell this one.

The 35 year old Ledet has 25 years experience in the world of zydeco that he is working on taking to new places while building on the storied zydeco tradition.  I found the album to be fresh and interesting.  I don’t think zydeco needs to be purist and never changing. I thing fans of the genre will appreciate Ledet’s work here and his updated approach to the music!

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