Consonance – Come On In This House | Album Review

consonancecdConsonance –¬†Come On In This House

Heritage Record Company

15 songs time-74:41

Consonance is a black gospel group from Richmond, California in the San Francisco Bay Area that performs all original songs from the pen of member Mack Williams. They present a traditional gospel sound with a few modern twists thrown in here and there to create a fresh sound with their energetic vocalizing. They interject the sounds of soul music, blues and a bit of rap among others.

“Come On In This House” and “Shake Loose Christians” are two of the more traditional sounding gospel tunes. “Do the Right Thang” with it’s synth-strings is almost soul music with its’ “Sound Of Philadelphia (TSOP)” sound. The bluesy guitar of Lloyd Gregory features on “Good News Blues #3”, a song that borrows a bit of the tune and lyrics from Robert Johnson’s “Dust My Broom”.

Funky bass and the distorted guitar of Levi Seacer on the powerful “Close To You”, that is otherwise a traditional gospel song. The party feel of Sly And The Family Stone seeps into the enthusiastic “Surely God Is Real”. The breeze of the Caribbean sweeps into “Cover Me”, a bright and sprightly excursion featuring keyboard “steel drums”. Things are slower, but no less intense on the soulful “My Song”. Levi takes the song out with a heartfelt and soaring guitar solo.

Ms. Lisa Shah lends her beautiful voice to “U Gotta Stay Holy” with assistance from Saeed Williams. Bass and hand clapping keep the beat throughout. It also features a brief rap interlude.

Consonance has a grip on traditional gospel music while adding some modern touches to make their message sound fresh. They surely have the spirit of the Holy Ghost, something the world definitely needs during these trying times. Mack Williams has crafted songs here that sound like you’ve heard them forever, no small feat. The message is pretty much the same throughout, but the diverse touches thrown into the mix keep things interesting. If gospel music is your thing or you just yearn for some refreshing and inspiring music, you’ve come to the right place. Come on in this house.

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