Cocodrile Gombo | Album Review

Cocodrile Gombo

self release

12 songs, time – 46:02

From Louisiana, a heady stew of Cajun music intertwined with brass band sounds that brings to you an inescapable Mardi Gras-Swamp vibe in a modern vain by way of some joyfully noisy electric guitar. Ok, here’s the catch, it’s all about the music unless you are fluent in French as everything is sung in French. The upbeat party vibe sweeps you away even though most of us have no clue what the songs are about. Accordion, Fiddle, horns, electric guitar, banjo, percussion, and sousaphone in leu of electric bass all blend together for a foot-tapping good time.

Whoever would say that you can’t make funky music with a fiddle, accordion and sousaphone, will have their mind totally blown with the rocking lead-off track “Bosco Stomp”. “Valse de Balfa” pits some heavy guitar and slide guitar against accordion. Kids this isn’t Lawrence Welk. The only instruments on “Le tour du pays” are rhythmic percussion along with group vocals.

There are two brief interludes-“Interlude 1#” that is something droning and “Interlude 2#” with a bit of solo organ.

“Madeleine” is pretty much a traditional sounding Cajun song that features a gospel like group chorus near song’s end. A brass band vibe is achieved on “Le vent peut toujours souffler…”.

Sorry that I can’t describe the subject matter or lyrical content, but there is plenty of of musical interplay of fiddles, accordions, guitars, banjos and horns to tickle your musical ear along with the musicality of the indiscernible lyrics to yours truly.

They manage to blend elements of Cajun, Creole, Brass Bands, Blues and a bit of rock attitude to deliver a spicy and thoroughly entertaining Louisiana gumbo of music for endless hours of good times.

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