Chris Corcoran Band – Coolerator | Album Review

Chris Corcoran Band – Coolerator

Shack Records

10 songs time – 32:12

Coolerator is an apt title for this amalgamation of jump blues, swing, blues and jazz from this ensemble from the U.K.. This all instrumental CD is lead by guitarist Chris Corcoran who gives the individual members their opportunity in the spotlight as well. The basic guitar, piano, rhythm section augmented by a three piece horn section along with a few guest musicians. Four out of ten songs are covers with the remainder that sound like they could of come from the swing era with a hint of the groovy swinging London mod vibe. This is music to compliment your lazy, relaxing sunny Sunday afternoon or to take your mind back to the era of the spy or spy spoof era. With that said, this is very well executed music.

The first two originals definitely fit into this characterization, “Coolerator” and “Get A Grip”. “Comin’ Home Baby” associated with jazz flute player Herbie Mann allots time for the horn section to have solo turns. Of course Chris’s fluent guitar is ever present jazz-meets-blues guitar is a major piece of the music. An unusual choice for an instrumental cover is Son House’s “John The Revelator”. In the hand’s of this crack team it fits right in with the overall vibe of the proceedings.

Stride piano and Django Reinhardt-like guitar make an appearance in “Jumpin’ At Bardies”. Claudio Corona contributes his jazzy organ to compliment Chris’s way cool guitar on “Oh Yeah!”. A Duane Eddy twangy guitar tone sets the tone for the moody “Resolution Blues”. Jimmy Smith’s “Back At The Chicken Shack” is given the necessary upbeat treatment that benefits from brief but tasty horn solos. This crew just has the knack for this genre of music. Organ makes another appearance on the closing original tune “Sit Tight” along with ensemble horn playing as well as some solos.

If one didn’t know any better they would be hard pressed to discern between the cover songs and the originals. This is music where HAPPY resides. Taken as a serious listen or as background music this stuff just enters your body and won’t let go. This type of feel good music is timeless. It just WORKS!

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