Cary Morin – Cradle To The Grave | Album Review

Cary Morin –¬†Cradle To The Grave

Maple Street Music

11 songs time-40:39

Wow! This CD is a revelation. Any description I can give it I’m afraid wouldn’t be enough. Singer-songwriter-finger-style guitar player Cary Morin has conjured up many images in his pensive and sometimes mystical songs using just his warm voice and an acoustic six-string guitar. No outside help. His songs encapsulate various influences, be it Americana, folk, blues, jazz, Native American Indian images, etc.. Being a Crow Indian, the native American references come naturally to him. The combination of creative lyrics and intricate guitar work becomes mesmerizing at times.

The soul stirring vocals on the title track come from deep down in his soul. The closing song “Watch Over Me” is an alternate version of the title track, the two serving as bookends to the recording. Both contain the refrain “Watch over me, I’m only a child.” His finger-picking guitar style gives the impression of two guitar players, as he plays the bass strings simultaneously with the melody. It is displayed well on the jumpy and jazzy “Laid Back” and of course throughout the CD. He shows his support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their struggles with the pipeline construction in the very poignant “Dawn’s Early Light”.

“Lay Baby Lay” is one of yer old toe tappers. The guitar just bounces along, it will have you moving. “Mishawaka” seems to be about dying that uses the river journey as an analogy for death. The spirituality and mystical quality just gets you where you live. Willie Brown’s “Mississippi Blues” features really nice melodic guitar. This is the only real blues song, although the blues show up in places during this musical journey. Cary gets into Indian mythology with the cosmic “Ghost Dog”, a haunting tune. “Trust” speaks of the connection between nature and human beings.

He covers Phish’s “Back On The Train”, the first of an unusual choice of cover song. It uses a train ride as an analogy for life. Next up is a crazy good version of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” as a mellow, rootsy, lilting and beautiful take. The afore mentioned “Watch Over Me” ends our journey.

Being this is his fourth CD, how did he slip under my radar? What we have here is something truly magical and moving. As Cary’s lyrical imagery weaves together with his intricate guitar playing, you will surely be swept up in this special experience.

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