Carolyn Fe – Sugat Ko | Album Review

Carolyn Fe – Sugat Ko

Productions Carolyn Fe Inc.

10 songs time – 43:23

***Warning***- Before listening to this CD instruct a household member to hide all guns and knives and for heaven’s sake please don’t listen to it while operating a motor vehicle. It’s a dark and serious work as Toronto based Filipino “singer” Carolyn Fe rants and raves her way through forty three plus minutes of griping and moaning. Put your dancing shoes away for this one. In the four years since I reviewed her blues based Bad Taboo CD she seems to have sunk into a deep, dark hole. The only saving grace is the imaginative and modern music created by her band. It’s creative, cantankerous and at times noisy in a good way. Although they are named it’s not stated who plays what or where. Sugat Ko translated from Tagalog(Philippines) means my wound.

Intriguing and haunting music freshens up the what otherwise sounds like a tirade against the human condition on “One Minute To Midnight”…”Go to hell and screw it”. Crystal clear biting guitar lines glide over the heavy beat of “I Can’t Breathe” as Carolyn bemoans prejudice. She declares at the song’s conclusion-‘I will Breathe!”. She talks over nicely textured guitars on “Sugar”. The sole accompaniment on the stark and serious “Jerusalem’s Thorns” is percussion. Back to noisy guitar goodness on the highly intense “Bring Your Water”.

More of the same in the way of music, including distorted slide guitar, on “Howzat”. A couple bickers back and forth on “Wanna Say We’re Through”, but stays together. Home girl mellows out a bit over an acoustic guitar accented by an electric on “Nothin’ Doin'”. Carolyn is reaching out to the Lord on “Prayer” as keyboards battle it out.

Carolyn just isn’t a happy camper sports fans. She talk-sings her way through this intense undertaking, at times sounding like Buffy St. Marie minus the banshee howls. Take away the vocals and you have yourself a refreshing alternative rock noise fest and it’s a good thing. If this is the type of music that you are drawn to, fine. As for me I’m going to go down the cellar and jump out the window.

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