Bruce Mississippi Johnson – The Deal Baby | Album Review

Bruce Mississippi Johnson –The Deal Baby

self release

12 songs time-43:41

Mississippi native transplanted to Europe, Bruce Mississippi Johnson delivers a CD steeped in R&B, soul and funk. His singing is fine. Their are no musician credits, so no idea who is playing what. There is a lot of electric piano, keyboards, horns and rhythm guitars. Some of the lyrics refer to the blues, but there is no blues music here per se.

The first track “Let It Rain(Intro)” is spoken word over electric piano, acoustic guitar, drums, bass and organ. “The blues is love, love is blues”, but the music sure isn’t. The funky soul-R&B “That’s The Deal Baby” is next and pretty much fore shadows the rest of the CD. “I Can’t Shake The Blues” or sing them. Sex play and sex toys is the subject matter of “Freak On Or Die”. “I’ll Bleed” stands out for it’s forceful energy. “See You Tomorrow” is a classic R&B slow burner.

The funky and rhythmic music here is well produced and played with crystal clarity and it would serve best as party dance music. You can’t fault Bruce because he hasn’t pedaled this disc as a blues recording although blues is mentioned occasionally. He possesses a strong, warm and powerful set of pipes. Lovers of old school soul will find much to like here. As for me this type of slick, funky soul has no appeal. Nothing new or that original is presented. There aren’t any real solos of any type here, mostly just rhythm. A few slower songs are included to vary the mood. Heck, it’s only my opinion, some people may find this is just what they are looking for.

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