Bridget Kelly Band – Winter’s Coming | Album Review

Bridget Kelly Band – Winter’s Coming

Alpha Sun Records – 2022

16 tracks; 71 minutes

Florida’s Bridget Kelly and husband Tim Fik return with another well-filled album of predominantly rocking blues. The inspiration for the title was a remark made by Bridget’s late father Peter, in a last voice mail message which opens the album. His remark that “winter’s coming” clearly inspired Bridget and Tim to write the title track which appears in two versions. Bridget and Tim wrote all the songs here and, as those familiar with their previous albums will know, their music is very much an in-house affair, recorded at their home studio, in a trio, though on this occasion Tim handled both guitars and bass, alongside Bridget on vocals and Roland ‘Boss’ Jones on drums.

Version 1 of the title track is a heavy rocker with a bass line that would not be out of place on a Black Sabbath album and some fast-fingered guitar pyrotechnics as Bridget sings broodingly of “dark clouds above my head”; the second version is a little lighter, both vocally and musically. The next three tracks are all rockers: “Whirlwind” is arguably the heaviest track with a churning riff which pushes Bridget into a powerful vocal, Bridget is warned about “Cottondale” by the Devil himself (sounds a bit harsh for a small Florida town!) and “Heartbreakin’ Blues” has some screaming guitar as Bridget again references “winter coming fast”. “Say What You Want” is a bit more melodic with more fast fingering on the guitar solo and “Gypsy Blue” adds a Thin Lizzy feel with the twin guitar attack.

On the second half of the album Bridget and Tim seem to have tried to broaden the style with a couple of country-tinged tunes, “Travellin’ Bone” having a really catchy riff and “Party Time” some good slide guitar, both good time songs. Bridget gives us her best vocal performance on the Southern Rock tune “Poor Girl” and “I’m Lucky” is a brooding tune with a low register vocal that contrasts with Tim’s jagged guitar salvos. Bridget sits out the last two tracks, Tim handling vocals on “Get Along Well” and providing layers of guitars on the lighter, jazz-tinged instrumental “Ride The Wind”.

The music of The Bridget Kelly Band is firmly at the rock end of the blues spectrum, featuring Tim’s heavy-riffing guitar style. If that is the sort of blues-rock you enjoy this one may be for you.

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