Brett Littlefair – Toetappin’ | Album Review

Brett Littlefair – Toetappin’

Self Released

14 Tracks

Toetappin’ is the Adelaide Roots & Blues Association Blues Album of the Year for 2022. This Australian bluesman wrote all the songs here and delivers some fine solo performances on songs that move the listener hypnotically and make their toes tap at the same time. This is his third album and features Brett on electric cigar box guitar, harp, percussion and vocals. The songs are short, focused and deliver a quick punch; they range from just over three minutes to one that’s not even a minute and a half long, yet they deliver his messages.

“Baby We Can Burn” gets things moving.  Laying down a nice guitar groove and blowing some mean harp, Littelfair grabs the listener and makes them pay attention. “Broadsided” follows, another slick cut with slide and a solid vibe. “Whiskey Blues” slow things down a bit and Brett sings and picks out another cool and brooding cut.

Up next is “I’m Beat,” another cut about being down and out. The vibe is more upbeat here, as Brett moans out the vocals and picks out a livelier groove. “See You At The End” is a driving cut with a great boogie and some gritty harp added. “Scratchin’ for Scraps” takes us into a more solemn mood as Littlefair give us some emotive vocals.

“Step Back Boss”  show us a little more liveliness as Brett boogies for us. Its back to a darker feeling with “Ten Long Years,” a somber and darker cut. “Man Of The Hour” has a thumping and throbbing beat and Littlefair give us a cut about a man folks want to be with. “Judgement Day” is acapella vocals with Littlefair taking us to church, a mere 1:19 in length but a powerful cut nonetheless.

Next is “Headin’ South,” a travelling blues with some very cool guitar work. “Fadin’ Fast” returns to slow and darker blues as Littlefair groans out his lead vocals. Another thumping beat with “All Night Long” gets the toes tapping as Brett sings of his woes that he lives through. The album concludes with “Poor Ol’ Me,” with some raw harp, a heavy bass drum beat and distorted vocals.

The mood and feeling here is dark and truly bluesy. Littlefair takes us through feelings of despair and hopelessness as he makes some interesting and well-crafted music. He’s very old school, taking on the style of deep Delta blues. Littlefair’s songs are a release for the emotional heaviness and hurt his work depicts. If you are looking for some very interesting and rootsy tunes, then look no further. Brett Littlefair may be just what you are looking for.

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