Bound for Glory- Dusty King James | Album Review

dustykingjamescdDusty King James – Bound for Glory
Full Armor Productions
11 tracks

Bound for Glory is an eclectic group of faith based musicians who are produced by Full Armor Productions.  They are a production and retail business of what’s d I’d liken to be called “Christian Realists.” They are very realistic as they sell music, products videos and books. Here is how they describe their music, “This ain’t your mama’s Sunday school music! Southern rock with bluesy-jazz overtones. Real Christian music for real people. Probably unlike anything you’ve ever listened to, we promise, you’re gonna love it.”

But this is not just music for Christians; it is uplifting and cool and fun for everyone who loves the folksy blues with a bit of a Southern tang. It is available from them and from CD Baby and it talks about us, our society and life in general, a nice mix of blues and gospel. The Dusty King James project is Mark Bush, Glenn Kaiser, Johnny Neel, Russell Gulley, Mudcat (Daniel Dudek), Larry Howard, and Maz Mitrenko doing the vocals for a song or two and testifying to the Lord as their bare their souls in a very inspiring and fun CD. These guys have the horsepower and they delver some powerful performances.

So let’s get into it. Mark Bush begins with the title track. Johnny Neel starts us off with some nice organ and then Bush come in with a road weary and gravelly tone that grabs you. Joanna Cotton and Shelly Case on backing vocals are poignant and really do a slick job. The guitar work is grimy and gritty and cool, provided by Chris Anderson, Doug Jones, Gulley and Mitrenko. I heard this and was hooked. It is a superb introduction to the set and Is a fine original song about the dusty old bible by the bed that is being ignored but really shouldn’t be. Glenn Kaiser opens “Crossroads” with some slick guitar and then gives the old Robert Johnson song some new life. Just a trio of player but it is a wild and vibrant ride with a few added lyrics by Kaiser to spice things up and his guitar is really great! Mudcat follows with an original, “I Want to Be Ready” where he sings about preparing for when Jesus comes. It’s a very traditional gospel song, but Chad Mason on piano and Lil’ Joe Burton on trombone also take it a little bit to New Orleans. Nicely done! Russell Gulley cleans up the old “John the Revelator,” adds some lyrics and gives it a very country fried interpretation. Neel and Jones add some neat harp and the acoustic finger picking is sweet.

“Real Miracle Man” by Larry Howard follows. He growls out that he doesn’t need fortune tellers, mojo hands and other things of the occult because he’s got the savior of the whole wide world living inside of him. He testifies in a growling fashion as he picks out the tune in support of himself. Jimmy Nalls on dobro completes this tune. The old Woody Guthrie piece “This Train” gets a fresh coat of paint with Johnny Neel manning the engine. He gives a Greg Allman styled interpretation as he pounds out the organ and piano as he sings; he and Jones also team up on harp again. Another cool cut that builds into a frenetic finish! Kaiser rearranges “Since I Laid My Burden Down” and slowly and prayerfully goes through the lyrics. He really emotes and nails it and Nalls’ dobor once again completes things well.

“No Holds Barred” gives us a Gulley original. His delivery sort of reminds me of Watermelon Slim at times: authentic, homey, and country with a nice blues feel. The harp and guitars and he blend into a well done delivery as he battles the devil in song. We go back to bigger and electric with Mitrenko’s “The River.” It’s the big entourage again with organ, piano, and guitars. Maz’ vocals are equal to the rest of the fine deliveries and there are some grooving piano and guitar solos to boot. Neel returns with his own “Maybe Jesus.” Very churchy approach with just him singing and playing organ. He testifies here about how maybe Jesus can help him understand his life and tell him he loves him were others do not. The band closes with the full group doing another Mark Bush cut, “Still Got Time.” The group chants and screams behind Bush as he warns that sinners still have time. Primal, thumping good stuff!

So seven of the cuts come from the band members listed in the first track (along with Dennis Gulley on bass and Daryl Burgess on drums and was recorded for this CD together while the other four bring the lead artists and their bands into the mix and it is a fine one, indeed.  This CD is just ten bucks on their web site with free shipping, so go buy it now. Jesus may or may not care if you do but you most certainly will once you get it and listen to it!

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