Boogie Patrol – Man On Fire | Album Review

Boogie Patrol – Man On Fire


10 Tracks/36:44

Based out of Edmonton in Western Canada, Boogie Patrol has been around for a decade, garnering lots of praise for their energetic live shows. If their latest recording is indicative of the band’s live performances, they definitely are a band worth seeing. Half of the ten tracks on their fourth release were also recorded for an album released last year, capturing the band on stage.

The band hits it hard right from the start, a three piece horn section surrounding Rott’n Dan Shinnan’s gritty vocal, getting a further assist from guest Marc Arnould on keyboards on a track that generates plenty of uptown funk. Next up, the rhythm section of Nigel Gale on bass and Emmet VanEtten on drums lay down a rapid shuffle on “Whole Lotta Gravy,” featuring Shinnan blowing some harp while the twin guitars of Yuji Ihara and Chad Holtzman are featured. Shinnan shows his strength as a vocalist on “Foolish Mind,” which is built around a Stones-like guitar riff. The band creates a back-porch feel on “Just Wanna,” another track with an alluring Shinnan vocal turn.

The singer shows his versatility on the soulful ballad “Hard To Tell You,” then the slides into a smooth groove as they pay tribute to a woman’s mighty attributes on “Shaker Down Below”. Shinnan’s harp leads the way on the frantic, boogie-infused “Easy To See” before switching back to the funk on the lively run-through of “Got One On Ya”. Power guitar chords, boisterous vocals, and howling harp keep “Let’s Get Randy” interesting, leading to the title track to close the disc. Once again, the horns – Kim Beachum on trumpet, Gareth Hughes on tenor sax, and Carsten Rubeling on trombone with arrangements by Murray Pulver – cushion the raw vocal from Shinnan until one last guitar chord brings the proceedings to a close.

This is the type of disc you could play at your next party to keep your guests entertained and, for those so inclined, dancing in your living room. Ten originals with plenty of hooks delivered with an abundance of enthusiasm and a mixture of styles that make it a real pleasure to listen to!

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