Bobby Rush with Blinddog Smokin’ featuring Dr. John – Decisions | Album Review

bobbyrushcd4Bobby Rush with Blinddog Smokin’ featuring Dr. John – Decisions

Silver Talon Records

11 tracks/50 minutes

Bobby Rush has teamed up with Blinddog Smokin’ and Dr. John to produce one of the hottest blues soul and funk albums of the year.   Nominated for Blues Blast Soul Blues Album of the Year, Rush remains relevant and at his peak despite being over 80 years of age. Also nominated in the Top Male Artist and Song of the Year categories, Rush is still a very hot commodity!  Bobby has been nominated for and won a host of accolades over the years and this album shows how he can keep it fresh and current while remaining at the top of the blue soul game for decades.

“Another Murder In New Orleans” opens the CD and is one of the top song nominees.  It is a very cool and funky track with great vocals by Bobby, Dr. John, backing singer Linda Gustafson and others. The accompanying DVD also features the song and information related to it.  This song alone makes it worth getting the CD!  Dr. John’s New Orleans styled piano and the stinging lead guitar with the accompanying brass and other instruments makes this topical piece really attractive.  The title song follows, and with Rush on vocals and Billy Branch on harp we get a very dirty and gritty cut about life’s decisions.  I really loved this song, too! “Bobby Rush’s Bus” is a humorous, soulful funk about the goings on in Bobby’s bus.  “If That’s The Way You Like It” is another funky cut with the horns filling in nicely.  “Funky Old Man” is a semi-biographical song with guitar and bass laying down a groove to start the dance party.  Bobby sings about how old men might be old but can still get their groove on as he sings and raps a bit for us.  “Love of a Woman” slows things up as Rush gives us some sweet blues. Another nice harp solo is featured here.

“Stand Back” opens to a Santana-like groove and some sweet guitar licks are offered throughout. Rush is effective as he speaks/sings out the jive lyric lines.  A sweet cut! In Skinny Little Women” Rush offers up some blues with the topic being a warning to skinny little women about how big fat gals are taking over, but then he shifts tacks and notes that you can fit two skinny girls in place of one fat women in bed.  It’s a fun blues and Branch again blows some mean harp.  “Dr. Rush” has an intro by Big Lou Johnson introducing the good Doctor Bobby Rush who answers the rap questions with rap advice of his own.  It’s cool and humorous at the same time.  His advice tis basically o settle your women down from being out or spending too much or whatever by feeding them and fattening them up so as to keep them home and out of trouble.  “Too Much Weekend” is a simple yet effective acoustic blues with guitar, harp and Bobby on vocals.    The tempo is hugely slowed down and Bobby delivers a very cool rendition of his old classic.  “Sittin’ Here Waitin’ is an unlisted bonus cut where Bobby complains he’s sitting home waiting for the phone to ring and watching all the girls go by but he’s not hearing from or seeing his woman.  Funky acoustic guitar, drums and organ lay out another sweet groove.

Produced by Donald Markowitz with songs either written by Rush or Carl Gustafson and a varied gorup of associated writers, the album is really funky and quite original. Even the old cover has a breath of fresh air. Carl Gustafosn is on drums, Chicago Chuck Gullens is on bass, Mo Beeks is on keys and Robert “Chalo” Ortiz is guitar.  Along with Rebennack there are a host of guest artists, including the likes of Sherman Robertson, Carl Weathersby, Billy Branch and many others.  I can easily see how this album, artist and top song were nominated for Blues Blast Music Awards!  It’s an excellent artistic attempt that gets carried out completely and effectively.  80 years young, and Bobby’s still got it.  Highly recommended!

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