Bob Corritore & Friends – Let the Devil Ride! | Album Review

Bob Corritore & Friends – Let the Devil Ride!

VizzTone Label Group

12 tracks

It’s always a pleasure to get a new Bob Corritore release and this one stay true to form- it’s another goody!  Here Bob gives us a dozen treats he recorded this year with all-star artists who graced his studio for ten  tracks and Big Jon Atkinson’s for the other two.

Bob does all the harp work here and is joined on vocals by Alabama Mike, Oscar Wilson, Sugar Rayford, Willie Buck, Bill Perry (who also does guitar on his track), George Bowman and Tail Dragger. On guitar is Big Jon Atkinson, Danny Michel, Junior watson, Mojo Mark, Jimi Smith, Johnny Rapp, Chris James, Illinois Slim  and Rockin’ Johnny. On piano are Henry Gray, Bob Welch (who also plays guitar on another track), and Fred Kaplan.  On bass are Troy Sandow, Kedar Roy, Patrick Rynn, and Bob Stroger and on drums are Marty Dotson, Brian Fahey, Rene Brewers and Malachi Johnson.  Whew!  What a cast of fine musicians!

Willie Buck starts us off with his cut “Went Home This Morning.”  He’s spot on  with his vcals and Big John and Mojo Mark blaze on guitar.  Corritore offers us some fantastic harp and sets a high bar for the remaining songs. Little Walter’s “Tell Me Mama” keeps the bar high with Oscar Wilson on vocals and Jimi “Primetime” Smith and Johnny Rapp on Guitar.  Bob’s vocals get so,me nice effects added to grease things up along with Henry Gray on piano, but it’s Oscar in front that is driving this train!  Sugar Rayford then gives us “The Glide” which is his song.  He growls out the lead and Fred Kaplan offers some nice piano filler.  Junior Watson offers the guitar work for us to enjoy and gets a cool solo later in the cut and Corritore offers up one on harp earlier for us.  Sugaray is also up to the task here vocally- well done shouting! “Laundromat Blues” follows with Alabama Mike driving. Big Jon gets the call on guitar and it’s prime evil -ly cool stuff.  Mike is ready to grab you with his vocals on this pretty slow blues.  Greasy and gritty stuff and Corritore just makes it all more so. Smith and Rapp return with Oscar for Bob’s own “Fork In The Road.”  more slow blues offered up Chicago style for all to savor.  Corritore blows a mean solo for us and Oscar is always a fantastic front man. “Lovey Dovey Lovey One” is up for us next, a Mel London penned cut that Junior Wells made famous. Mixing blues a bit of rock, Alabama Mike delivers the goods as does Corritore on harp and Bob Welch on guitar.

The title track is next and again Alabama Mike gets the call.  He shouts out and testifies on this sweet slow blues. Atkinson offers up some very stinging guitar to enjoy, too, and he and Corritore parry to great effect. “Willie Mae” features Bill “Howl-N-Madd” Parry on vocals and guitar.  He offers up his spin on this classic with his signature howlin’ vocal style.  Corritore solos backed up by Perry on guitar; a very enjoyable song. Sugaray returns for his “Steal Your Joy,” a mid tempo blues with his shouts and moans making for a nice cut. Atkinson and Mojo Mark reprise their guitar work from cut one and Chris James also appears on guitar as Rayford testifies for us. “So I Was a Fool” follows with George Bowman fronting on his own song and Big John on guitar.  Dirty, slow blues done up right- there are no throw away songs here, and of course Corritore makes his mark to help things out.  “?” is up next and we have Alabama Mike on vocals with Atkinson on guitar.  Mike offers us another winner and Corritore makes sure his harp is a special treat as they all testify passionately. The next  track is also Alabama Mike singing for us on his “Blues Why You Worry Me.” Atkinson is on guitar and gives us a special solo.  Rockin’ Johnny plays the guitar as does Illinois Slim on the final cut “Thundering and Raining” in support of front man and song writer Tail Dragger. Johnny plays a lot with Tail Dragger; they and everyone here deliver a superb performance on this one.  Corritore gives us a pretty final solo that drips with greasy cool blues and Tail Dragger’s classic vocals in the style of Howlin’ Wolf are always a treat.

A dozen great tracks, Bob Corritore and a superb cast of musicians and a great mix make this album a real treat.  I loved it from start to finish and anyone wanting to hear classic blues done right will, too.  This one needs to be added to your blues music collection- great stuff.

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