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Tweed Funk

“Hoodoo Power” from the album First Name Lucky

Tweed Funk’s latest CD, First Name Lucky, was inspired by a recent trip to Memphis. The band wanted to create an organic album with a minimal amount of overdubs and production. Tweed Funk’s goal was to capture the energy, excitement, and raw emotive power of 7 freshly penned original tunes and 4 select covers.

“The party Tweed Funk brings to their live shows comes alive on ‘First Name Lucky’ as the band cruises through various blues and funk styles with horn-drenched ease.”– Sena Ehrhardt

Formed in late 2010, Tweed Funk has garnered national and international acclaim for their horn-driven, sweat-soaked, soul-blues. This Milwaukee, Wisconsin band is fronted by Joseph “Smokey” Holman, who recorded under Curtis Mayfield in the early 70’s. Tweed Funk boasts 3 Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Wins for the band and it’s members.

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Trevor Sewell

“The Train” from the album Independence

Trevor Sewell is a 4 times Hollywood Award winning Blues artist hailing from the N.East of England. He released his first solo album in 2011 and is now making real in-roads into America having toured twice in 2013.

Sewell who was recently described by legendary Producer Stuart Epps (Led Zep, Elton John) as a brilliant musician with a fresh approach to the Blues was recently inducted into The American Heritage Blues Hall of Fame in the same category as Walter Trout, Tommy Castro and Joe Bonamassa. He will be returning to America in November where he is once again nominated in the Hollywood Music and Media Awards 2014. The album ‘Independence’ was released on Nov 21st 2013 to coincide with the HMMAs in which he won The ‘Best Blues’ category with ‘featured track ‘The Train’ before also going on to win the coveted ‘Best Blues Artist’ 2014 in the Artists In Music Awards. The album Independence features 11 Sewell compositions. For more info visit

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Arthur Migliazza

“Thank You Blues” from the album Laying It Down

Arthur Migliazza has achieved the remarkable in combining his love and command of classic American piano styles into a knock out musical road trip every bit as relevant and vital in the 21st century. No retro academic, he lives and breathes new life into the adrenalin-fueled music while also applying its energy and exuberance to other related styles. Hop on board for a thrill ride virtually unavailable with any other mode of aesthetic transportation.

[About the track:] The original instrumental “Thank You Blues” references late night, smoky classics like “After Hours” as Migliazza draws rich sonorities in the bass register and the band entices with a deep groove. — Dave Rubin (KBA recipient in journalism). 

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Terry Quiett Band

“Come The Morning” from the album Taking Sides

Electric blues and rock fans searching for a new guitar hero need look no further than Terry Quiett, roaring from the heartland like a tornado on his latest, greatest release. Over the last 5 years and 3 blues albums he has proven his staying power while allowing him to develop his exceptional talents a singer, songwriter and virtuoso instrumentalist in preparation for “overnight success” he has earned and deserves.

12 scorching, soulful originals, along with one classy cover, range from raw country blues to grooving R&B driven hard by bassist Nathan Johnson and drummer Rodney Baker and augmented by “Mississippi” Hal Reed (harp), Scott Williams (keyboards and tenor sax), Brad Turgeon (trumpet) and Jordan Northerns (trombone). The stomping “Come the Morning” with Quiett ripping on his resonator guitar and Reed matching on “Mississippi Saxophone” contains the sly demand “Be gone come the morning, mama, don’t call my bluff. Oh, but before you take off and start your new life, I need to get me your jelly roll for one more night.” Dave ( Doctor Blues Man ) Rubin Award Winning Blues writer.

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Debbie Bond and the TruDats

“That Think Called Love” from the album That Thing Called Love

In April 2013, Debbie Bond and the TruDats rolled up Highway 65 for a live taping on Radio Free Nashville WRFN’s Mando Blues Show. The set turned into a wild heart Alabama blues-soul stew with such a might groove that she decided to make it into a CD, That Thing Called Love, nine tracks featuring six original songs.

This is Bond’s third solo album and marks her development as an individual artist, having spent many years playing with and promoting great Alabama blues artists, starting with Johnny Shines and including Eddie Kirkland, Big Bo and Little Whit and Willie King.. For more info visit

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Duncan Street

“Watermelon, BBQ & Beer” from the album Baptized By The Blues

“Watermelon, BBQ & Beer” is the leadoff song from the new blues duo known as Duncan Street. Written by guitarist Dave Duncan , the song sets the tone for their new CD titled Baptized By The Blues. Stan Street, from Clarksdale, Mississippi , completes the duo and plays some fine blues harp on this track, at the same time kicking the bass drum to drive the groove.

Dave Duncan has played guitar music professionally for over 35 years now. He has dug deeply into the the roots of American Music..playing pedal steel guitar with cowboy singer Johnny Western years ago , rockabilly 6 string with piano great SE Willis in Arizona, deep blues with Jack Pearson & The Nationals for years in Tennessee.. and spankin’ the plank with jam band cult favorites GooseCreek Symphony. He wrote 8 of the songs on the new Duncan Street album and plays some tasty open tuning dobro throughout the recordings.

Stan Street is the owner of The Hambone Gallery in downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi. Stan Street has helped revitalize the area, bringing live music to the locals and tourists who come thru The Land of The Blues. Attracting a truly international audience to his Tuesdays Nites at The Hambone Gallery music series, Street has played with dozens of the bigger names on today’s scene. He wrote the title song on the new Baptized By The Blues cd and is featured on blues harp,kick drum, hambone,cardboard box and saxophone.’

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Gaetano Letizia

“Kill My Conscience” –  from the album Voodoo Doll & Other Blues Lessons

“Guitarist/Vocalist/Writer Gaetano Letizia’s new release Voodoo Doll & Other Blues Lessons is an intensely powerful expansion of the blues that stretches the traditional forms to the breaking point in 12 highly original progressive blues tunes. Voodoo Doll combines searing blues melodies and funk rhythms with lyrics about todays’ challenges, frustrations, and victories: our blues lessons.

Just like the old blues masters dealt with passionate desire, fear, temptation and heartbreak, the tunes on Voodoo Doll travel the same path but with more relevancy to today’s crazy lifestyles. Tunes like Voodoo Doll & Kill My Conscience zero in on the price of instant gratification, while The Devil Is A Nice Guy is all about the modern age devils we all encounter at the new crossroads of technology and politics.

The “lock down” rhythm section of Steve Renko on drums and Larry Keller on bass is hard to match with driving new beats and feels on the whole project. Combined with Letizia’s screaming, roaring guitar work, Voodoo Doll is a treat for the music aficionado.”

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Brent Johnson

“Don’t Make A Sound” from the debut album, Set The World On Fire

Brent Johnson burns up the speakers on his appropriately-titled debut CD, “Set the World on Fire” (Justin Time Records), with an incendiary mix of both electric guitar and slide guitar sounds on the album’s 11 cuts, including seven originals and covers of “Meet Me in the Morning” (Bob Dylan), “Meet Me in the Bottom” (Howlin’ Wolf), “As the Years Go Passing By” (Albert King) and “The Hucklebuck” (Paul Williams). Justin Time Records owner Jim West has been a longtime fan and gave Brent free rein over the material and production. As this is his first album release, Brent is looking forward to releasing and touring these original songs and feeling the reaction to his work from an audience.

Johnson’s passionate vocals and soulfully powerful guitar work shines throughout the new album. On “Meet Me in the Morning,” he and Alvin Youngblood Hart trades licks in a serious blues guitar conversation (Alvin on electric, Brent on slide). They go at it again on the original song, “The Ticket,” driving home a strong blues message. On “Long Way Back to New Orleans, he’s joined by Sonny Landreth, who adds his signature slide guitar, helping to push the track towards his Crescent City hometown. Hart returns one more time on the Howlin’ Wolf classic, “Meet Me in the Bottom,” where both he and Brent channel the chugging sounds made famous by the Wolf’s iconic guitarist, Hubert Sumlin..

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John Lyons

“The Blues Moved In” from the album Sing Me Another Song

This is the third album by Lyons, who was raised in Michigan but has moved to Luzern, Switzerland in 2001. It is a compelling blend of rock, blues, folk, and singer/songwriter style with a major twist of the storyteller, which drives the album. As for putting a label on the album, the closest I might come would be Americana or roots music. If forced to put him in any sort of box, I would say that Lyons is an exceptional singer, songwriter and storyteller. His songs/stories are drawn from wells of personal experience, passionate and overflowing with emotional power, which stems from the fact that, hands down, John Lyons is the real deal. To call him a bluesman would be a stretch but there are enough elements of blues here that it cannot be ruled out.

Lyons is a better than average guitarist and he is backed by an exceptional band. The result is a sound the flows smoothly, is easy on the ear and had a timeless sound that will sound every bit as good and valid decades from now as it does today. Like a minstrel, somehow lost in time, Lyons weaves his stories in such a way that they wrap themselves around the listener making him feel warm and comfortable. The music of John Lyons covers so many different styles and feelings, yet they blend, leaving the listener feeling fulfilled. Elements of folk, rock, blues and even gospel make for an album that, while I cannot put a label on it, I like it. The longer I listen to the disc, the more I like what I hear. This piece is good on so many levels…all I can honestly say is that this is one of those discs’s you will find yourself coming back to time after time, never tiring of what Lyons and the band have to say. I recall hearing James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James album for the first time. While the two cannot honestly be compared, Sing Me Another Song leaves me with that same kind of timeless quality that to put it simply, will never grow old. Job well done guys! — Bill Wilson.. For more info visit 

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Johnny Cox

“Runaway Train” from the album Thin Blue Line

Blues singer, songwriter and guitarist Johnny Cox from Scotland by way of Canada let’s his soul flow through that Stratocaster, and sets the stage on fire. Inspired by many styles of music, it’s the Blues that truly drive Johnny wild. In his youth, Johnny’s appetite for Blues music was insatiable and he spent many years devoting himself to the techniques of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, Albert Collins, Robert Cray, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, etc.

As time passed, Johnny began to hunger for more than being a blues guitar player. In the process of becoming ‘whole’ musically, Johnny felt compelled to start singing and writing his own material. Since that realization he’s been on a feverish journey, honing his craft and finding his home in the world of music. Johnny Cox’s debut CD, The Thin Blue Line, represents the palette of his musical personality. On this CD, he embraces many Roots styles but in his heart he’s still a junkie for the Blues; playing guitar in his sleep and bending every note.

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