Biscuit Miller And The Mix – Chicken Grease | Album Review

Biscuit Miller And The Mix – Chicken Grease

American Showplace Music

10 songs time – 45:58

After considering his previous association with Lonnie Brooks, “Mojo” Buford and others, this effort isn’t quite what I expected. I thought it would be more in the way of deep-ish blues at least, instead of more in the area of Rufus Thomas type novelty light weight rhythm & blues. Biscuit has a good gritty voice that compliments the music well. The band is capable in what they do and a lot of what they do is maintain a steady funky groove. The guitar solos are passable.

The intro and riff from “Tramp” are lifted for “Here Kitty Kitty”, a fun piece very reminiscent of what Rufus Thomas used to do. It’s pretty much a throwaway track. John Ginty on organ and it includes a ok guitar solo. Marcus Randolph lends his tasty Lap steel skills to “609” and “Chicken Grease”. He needs his baby home at 609, I guess 610 just won’t work. Better song name I suppose. “Lonely Road” is a slow slice of moody southern soul music. Someone lets loose with a mellow guitar solo.

The guitar maintains a wah-wah riff throughout “Two Legged Dog”, a bit of fluff about somebody sniffing around his girl. A highlight is a hearty guitar solo. The spirit of Rufus Thomas visits the funky vibe of the feel good “Chicken Grease”, enhanced by the lap steel guitar. Old school soul is provided by “Watching You”. The saving grace of the light weight “Take A Ride” is some slithering slide guitar action.

More mundane lyrics on “Southern Woman”, what else is new? Another tune about someone else kickin’ in his stall with the drawn out “Creeping”, too long at 6:20. Biscuit delivers an upfront bass riff on the gospel influenced “Get Ready”.

There ya have it folks-funky grooves with run-of-the-mill lyrics and the only blues to be found is in the guitar solos. With Biscuit’s credentials I really was hoping to see more in the way of traditionally influenced blues. I guess singing over incessant feel good grooves is easier than laying down something more substantial. Hey if this is the kind of music that moves you, go with it.

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