Billy Jones & Delta Blues Outlaws – Self Titled | Album Review

Billy Jones & Delta Blues Outlaws

Delta Blues Records

15 songs time – 70:10

This CD reminds me of Forrest Gump…You don’t know what you’re gonna get and neither do they as far as identifying the band members or any other credits. From inside photo it’s drums, bass and keyboards with Billy on guitar and vocals. Can’t find any info online. Aside from that you know you are going to get quality music in a variety of styles. The music is an amalgamation of soul, R&B, funk, blues and blues-rock. Billy possesses a strong and soulful voice along with a mastery of his guitar. The rhythm section is capable. Seems like the keyboard player supplies synth strings quite a bit.

Much of the material leans toward soul, R&B or Bobby Blue Bland old school blues. There are a few straight ahead blues numbers. “The One You Need”, “Liar” and “Someone New” are among those that fall into soul music territory. Billy’s cutting guitar style is one constant throughout. The humorous “Marry My Mother-In-Law”, “Doin” Alright Again” and “Don’t Answer The Door” fall into the straight ahead blues category with the latter being a fine B.B. King cover.

What sounds like “tack” piano is featured on “Ready For Some Lovin'”. Rock guitar shredding is the focal point on “Alligator Farm” that details his love making in the swamplands behind her daddy’s alligator farm. The soul ballad “Chiseled In Stone” finds Billy in fine voice. “Man & A Half” harkens back to the classic R&B era of Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding. Organ cooks along on this one too.

What you do get is a well executed music in a variety of genres. Billy has a commanding voice and a gifted guitar approach. The anonymous band builds a sturdy base for Billy’s vision. There is something here to please any discerning music aficionado. Something good to fill in for the lack of live concerts for the time being.

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