Bill Durst – Good Good Lovin | Album Review

billdurstcdBill Durst – Good Good Lovin


9 songs time-31:20

In this corner…Stratford, Ontario, Canada based blues-rocker Bill Durst brings his hit-you-over-the-head style of blues-rock to this his fifth full length album. He started out at nineteen as a member of the Canadian rock band Thundermug. The approach here is of the take-no-prisoners variety, save for one slower and mellower tune. All the songs included here were composed by Bill and his writing partner, bassist Joe DeAngelis who was the original singer for Thundermug. Drummer Corey Thompson rounds out the power trio. The band plays full out, with Bill spewing forth rapid fire, but crisp and clean guitar solos. The husky voice of Bill adds to the muscular torrent of sound.

The crunch of the title track sets the tone for most of what is to follow. Snaky slide guitar leads off the hard charging “Got Love”. Bill’s knack with slide guitar is one of the highlights of this blues-rock journey. He slides his way through “21st Century Blues”, seamlessly firing off notes with a natural ease. Things chug along quite nicely on the positive “I’m Alright”. “Heaven Heaven” contains an irresistibly catchy slide guitar riff. The guys boogie through “King Snake Prowl” like ZZ Top with tough guitar that will clean out your speakers, then proceed to dust your living room to boot. Bill bellows “wash out(watch out)” throughout the song.

Things slow down, but get heavy at times on “What Could Have Been Love”. It showcases lovely guitar soloing amongst the noise. “Northern Electric is about a train, as various Canadian towns are rattled off over a great rocking riff. The album closes out with what sounds like filler and a bit of a throw away song-“I Regret To Say”. It’s also the quietest thing here.

Bill’s years of experience in the scene has produced a hard charging dose of solid rocking goodness. The powerful chords and strong guitar solos sound great along with the strong rhythm section. Bill’s throaty voice perfectly compliments the vibe of the songs. The guys also mellow out the sound occasionally. This crew certainly knows what they are doing and does it well. If you are in need of music to energize and lift you up, you’ve come to the right place.

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