Beverly Crawford – The Essential Beverly Crawford Vol. 2 | Album Review

Beverly Crawford – The Essential Beverly Crawford Vol. 2

JDI Records

11 songs time-52:52

Florida native Beverly Crawford is a pretty generic gospel music shouter. She possesses a strong voice, but not much here to set her apart from the other gospel singers. Tempos and the band make up change here and there. At times there is some rousing piano and organ playing. No musician credits are given in the liner notes, other than the names of various guest vocalists. A large gospel choir is used at times to great effect. Some of the tracks appear to have been recorded live.

The energized “Everything Will Be Alright” has a particularly funky instrumental backing. The perennial Christmas classic “Joy To The World” is performed both traditionally and in a churchy version. The former is taken at a slow and drawn out pace. The other is, well, gospel-ed up with a full gospel choir. The last track is an advertisement for the JDI Records catalogue.

The religious fervor is here, but I suspect this type of music is more powerful in a live in person context. This music falls out of my sphere of reference. Its’ sound probably resonates with a gospel fan. The spirit is there, but I see no originality in this recording. You would think for a music that has been around for such a long time, that someone would try to give it a fresh approach. Maybe it’s just me, but I would of liked more creativity. Well, it’s about the message and spirituality, and that is surely here.

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