BC Hudson – Jaded Heart | Album Review

BC Hudson – Jaded Heart


self release

10 songs time – 38:22

BC Hudson is the sole musician on his record. He sings, plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass and wrote all the songs. Kind of a folkie troubadour. He weaves his tales over rhythmic and oft times hypnotic guitar strumming at times augmented by electric guitar and bass.

What sounds like an amplified acoustic guitar underpins a song of longing for death if things life gets to be too much, “Way Down In The Ground”. The narrator of “Why You Do Me This Way” ponders why he is receiving bad treatment from a person. BC overlaps two acoustic guitars to fill out the sound on a song about mistrust, “Don’t Believe Me”. He often engages in plaintive laments such as “I Crawl To You”, that is enhanced by the inclusion of atmospheric electric guitar. He employs acoustic and electric guitars once again on the title track. The guitars build in intensity. An infectious riff is utilized on “Talk Of The Town”.

Double tracked acoustic guitars and occasional electric are used to great effect on “Blues On The Horizon” to give the song more depth. In “One And Only” he speaks to a woman that can be his soul salvation. “Time Stands Still” is a pensive exercise. A chunky and rhythmic acoustic guitar riff is augmented by some haunting electric slide guitar that sounds otherworldly. At one point the riff gets loud and eclectic briefly then reverts back to it’s acoustic origins.

BC spills out his inner thoughts over various guitar grooves. It’s a pretty unusual approach, but he’s following his own personal muse. Different sentiments reveal themselves upon subsequent listening’s. Those music fans looking for an alternative slant to music, this could be for you.

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