BBC – The British Bluescasting Corporation – High Horse | Album Review

BBC – The British Bluescasting Corporation – High Horse

Blues Corp Records

12 songs time – 48:22

On this their first release, this seasoned crew of studio and touring musicians turn in an impressive display of musicality. That being said, their name is misleading as there is more in the way of rock, country, blues-rock and R&B than blues. Nine out of the twelve songs are penned by band members Bob Cranham or Ben Keen. The musicianship is solid throughout. What results is a highly entertaining and impressive first outing.

“Today Was Made For You And Me” is a pleasant feel good country-ish song featuring country style guitar. The vocals overall are adequate. The title song “High Horse” is a rocker that benefits from dueling guitar solos. The guys conjure up a Rolling Stones rhythm guitar vibe on “Every Time I Roll The Dice”. They romp out with the country guitar fueled instrumental the appropriately names “Country Cousins”. A slow and brooding blues is delivered in “Darkness In My Soul” with guest James Beckett’s organ contributing to the melancholy vibe. Guitarists Bob Cranham and Ben Keen weave their guitars together, traversing more traditional blues and blues-rock while utilizing exquisite tone. Bukka White’s “Fixin’ To Die” is given a delightfully heavy treatment with slide guitars slithering around energetically to great effect.

Barry Cook’s snappy snare drum rhythm along with country guitar move the “Last Train Home” down the tracks. Clever how they simulate the train slowing down as it reaches the station. “Indecision” is a nifty little rocker. A lazy day feeling permeates “Not A Day For Playing The Blues”. Not a blues song, but rather about the blues or not playing the blues. Freddie King’s “Tore Down” appears in a pop-rock version that evokes the style of early British Invasion bands complete with unison vocals. It includes brief bass and drum solos along with the usual guitar goodness and organ and piano.

All in all an enjoyable musical excursion well played by four seasoned pros plus one. The drums of Barry Cook and the bass playing of Dave Williamson lay down a sturdy foundation for the two guitar maestros. They incorporate rock, pop, R&B, blues and blues-rock to attain a pleasing level of music.

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