Balta Bordoy & The Bad Boys featuring Victor Puertas – Rock My Blues Away | Album Review

Balta Bordoy & The Bad Boys featuring Victor Puertas – Rock My Blues Away

Blue Track

12 tracks

Spain’s swing and jump blues band is a lot of fun. They remind me of our Wisconsin band The Jimmys with their rollicking and fun style of music and performances. Victor Puertas fronts the band and plays Hammond organ.  Bordoy is the lead guitar player and backing vocalist. Nil Mujal plays sax and also backs vocals. Arnau Julia covers the drums and also backs vocals. It’s a swinging group of musicians!

The album opens with Lazy Lester’s “I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead You Rascal You,” a classic cut that they have a lot of fun with. Sax, guitar and organ are tight and the vocals swing. Albert King’s “Cold Women With Warm Hearts” is next. The bass and drums lay out a great line to drive the cut. The guitar is forthright and vocals are slick. “My Nerves” is a Little Willie John cut and it’s also fun; the boys are cool and in control. “”I Just Want Somebody To Love” is a nice slow blues with guitar and organ setting the mood. Up next is “Broke and Lonely,” done to a peppy and uptempo beat. It swings and rocks opposite to the lyrics, yet it’s fun with some great organ and guitar. “Bopping at the Hop” is a jumping and jiving instrumental cut with sax and organ nicely bouncing off each other. “Lemonade” offers a jazzier side of the band with the organ perhaps in a Jimmy Smith style and a cool vocal lead.

“Right Place at the Wrong Time” is in as Chicago blues a style as you can get and they pull it off well. The guitar riffs are authentic and the vocals are well done. Things get jumping again with “Rock My Blues Away.” Things swing to the sax and a great groove that is laid down. The guitar wails as the band supports the effort. “Homework” slows things back down a bit as the band does a fine job with this mid tempo piece. Sax and guitar solos are featured here. The guys lay down a swell boogey in “Boogey Twist,” where sax, guitar and organ take truns showing their skills. “I Got A Feeling” is a slow jump tune with some good vocal harmonizing. “Pogo” completes the offering, with sax and organ sharing leads in this nice little instrumental.

These guys are a lot of fun. If they get out this way they are worth seeing. Until then, their recording will have to suffice. I enjoyed it!

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