Alastair Greene – The New World Blues | Album Review

Alastair Greene – The New World Blues

Whiskey Bayou Records

11 tracks/47 minutes

Alastair Greene left his band home and went to Tab Benoit’s home in Hoima, LA with a few songs in hand and left with what he calls, “the most stripped down blues-based album I’ve ever done.” Joined in Tab’s studio by Tab on drums and Corey Duplechin on bass, they back Greene vocally and provide a more than ample backdrop to this rocking blues affair. The songs are all originals penned by Greene.

“Living Today” opens things up and is a high powered blues rocker with Greene’s signature guitar in full force.  It’s a great hook for the album. “Lives and Fear” follows, and Green gets to set things on fire with some vibrant guitar riffs. “Bayou Miles” allows the listener to cool off a bit as Greene offers a more subdued cut with laid back vocals and guitar. It’s a sweet cut with a nice feel to it. Up next is “When You Don’t Know What To Do,” a cut that has a slick groove and bounces along nicely. Greene gives some more of his classic soloing here as he powers along with a big sound. “No Longer Amused” gives us a slow blues to enjoy as Greene takes on a dark tone as he sings, “you don’t give a damn for anyone,” and that “we are no longer amused.” One can only imaging whom he is addressing here in these trying times. The guitar is passionate in making a statement here as

Greene wails on it to great effect. “Back To The Poor House” is up next, a vibrant instrumental with a driving beat.

“Find Your Way Back Home” is the next track, a cut with a huge guitar solo and interesting lyrics about losing control and finding your way back home. “Heroes” is the following track, a melodic and low-keyed song where Greene sings about insoiration and that “without a hero life wouldn’t be the same.” He offers up a somewhat haunting solo on his guitar. “Wontcha Tell Me” is a bouncy cut where Greene asks what in the world is going on as he tries to feel better about what’s happening. He shreds up something of a a response on his guitar for us. Next is “Alone and Confused” where he slows things back down for us and delivers some more stratospheric guitar as he solos for the listener. The slide comes out as he concludes with the title track. Guess what” It’s another big, driving, and exciting cut.

Greene went to the bayou for inspiration and worked up his songs with Tab. The result is a huge, rocking set of tunes delivered in a no-holds-barred manner.  It may be Greene’s bluesiest album but it is not for those with weak constitutions. He lets out all the stops as he and his guitar lay out a lot of mean and rocking licks. If you are a blues rock fan this will certainly tickle your fancy.  The guitar work is hot, the songs are solid and the the singing and playing is inspired.  Alistair Greene delivers some high powered performances that his fans will love and that will certainly garner many new ones for him, too!

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