Polly O’Keary And The Rhythm Method – Black Crow Callin’ | Album Review

Polly O’Keary And The Rhythm Method – Black Crow Callin’


self release

10 songs time-47:07

Washington State’s singer-bass player Polly O’Keary’s blues-rock power trio is a force to be reckoned with. Her sassy and powerful pipes drive this band to the top of the blues-rock peak. Her rock steady bass playing along with the energetic guitar skills of David Miller and the energetic drums of Tommy Cook make for a band to watch. Various guest artists drop by supplying horns, backing vocals, keyboards and harmonica. The band switches gears occasionally to slow down and vary the pace of the proceedings.

Eric Robert creates a Jerry Lee Lewis vibe with his hard driving piano on “Hard Hearted World”, a commentary on the sad situation of the world today. Polly’s forceful vocal along with David’s guitar push this track along. Polly’s voice once again reins supreme on the slow and strong “A Man Who Can Stand”. Polly bemoans rushing through traffic to go see her man in “Red Light”. Great blues rock-guitar and Norm Bellas’ Hammond B3 organ add to the urgency.

The title track is a slow burner featuring a dramatic guitar solo and some bluesy harmonica from Jim McLaughlin. The Powerhouse Horns(Rich Cole and Pete Kirkman) punch up the groove on the funky “Yours To Lose” along with some nicely distorted guitar playing. Things get slowed down again on “One Life”. The guitar tone on this one is a thing of beauty. It features a brief reggae section about mid way through.

“Reconciled” refers to judgment day. Hammond B3 fleshes out the sound under Polly’s very powerful vocal delivery. She provides a particularly strong bass line on “I Don’t Understand”. Another tight bass line appears on “Plan B”, another horn driven funk fest. Great guitar here as usual here. The slow and deliberate “I Am The One” wraps things up on a forceful note.

If you are looking for a tight and rockin’ power trio, you’ve come to the right place. Well crafted songs and tight ensemble playing, it’s all here. You get rip-roaring guitar dynamics, sturdy drumming and a strong bass foundation to hold it all together. All the songs are written by the threesome. Do your stereo a favor, pick this puppy up and blow the dust outta your speakers.

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