Uncle Albert – Slip In Time | Album Review

Uncle Albert – Slip In Time

Blue Lotus Recordings


10 tracks

Uncle Albert was founded by Tim Albert in 1991 in St. Louis. Their popularity has risen and grown over the years, and this is their sixth album. They do about 200 shows a year while touring the US and Europe, so they are a hard working band.

The band is Tim Albert (guitar and vocals), Lisa Campbell (keyboards and vocals), Keith Robinso (drums and vocals on one cut), and Vince Corkery (bass). Their electric sound is well done and the quartet is tight.  This album is long awaited by their fans as there was about a 15 year gap in their releases.

The album starts off with a pleasant, acoustic cut called “No More Roses,” featuring some well done acoustic guitar and fiddle. The vocals are solid, a nice, soft ballad. “In The Middle of the Night” follows, a vocal duo piece with Tim and Lisa sharing the lead. It’s another nice cut with some good backing. “Who’s Cryin’ Now” has Campbell on vocals and is a fun and bouncy cut with the piano featured up front. A good guitar solo is also offered up. “Telephone” is next, with Albert doing some fine, slow blues for us. The piano is again featured and is done well, and gives us solo work to enjoy in a couple of spots in the song. Up next is the title track; some cool flute is added in this jazzy blues number. Albert leads the charge as the flute and piano and offer some staunch and great support.

The funky “Ain’t That a…” follows with drummer Keith Robinson handling the vocals. Albert gives us some grooving guitar and the bass support is great here. “That’s Why” is next, a softer cut with slide guitar. Campbell leads the band in another pretty ballad. “Big Town” gets a good little boogie going on piano and guitar; Campbell again fronts the effort and it’s another cool and enjoyable cut. The guitar solo and strident vocals make this one a winner. “The River” brings back the fiddle and we get Tim out front and Lisa right behind him backing him nicely on the choruses. The final track is “Time’s Too Short.” The slide guitar reappears and this midtempo flows well for a good listen. Albert gives us his final guitar solo on this last track.

This is a solid album done by a very good band. The songs are all originals and the vocals are well done.  These guys are professionals and deliver a nice set of tunes for listeners to enjoy.

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