Tony and Joe – Tin Can Tunes | Album Review

Tony and Joe – Tin Can Tunes


CD: 9 Songs, 38:00 Minutes  

Styles: Contemporary Acoustic Blues, Debut Album

Humans crave novelty. They have ever since the dawn of time, progressing from ancient to postmodern forms of everything: tools, weapons, music, art. In the case of Tony Cuchetti and Joe Flip, the latter plays his signature “Hayburner” acoustic guitar, crafted from a vintage oil can. (More of these can be found and purchased on the Internet.) The effect is mellifluous and marvelous, reverberating with a haunting echo. Proof of this is found on every one of the tracks on Tony and Joe’s debut album, Tin Can Tunes – especially its opener, “Mess Around.” As if that weren’t enough of an incentive, Cuchetti’s vocals are clear and concise, with a touch of SRV’s country twang and Darius Rucker’s crooning. On seven original songs, one cover, and an excellent rendition of “Amazing Grace,” Tony and Joe take acoustic fans on a relaxing journey that bridges the gap between old and new, traditional and current blues. This CD’s only flaw is that a couple of numbers run too long, but if you like trance blues, they’re great.

According to Tony and Joe’s little corner of the Internet, both men have made their mark in the music scene.  Let’s start with Mr. Flip: “Whether he is performing at popular venues around the Midwest, building custom…guitars, or teaching blues-for-kids programs, Joe’s dedication to music is without question. While performing 200+ shows per year, Joe is becoming a very popular act around the Midwest. His custom oil-can guitars, ‘Hayburners,’ have been sold all over the world and have been featured on FOX 9 News, Blues in Britain Magazine, CNET, and The Drive Magazine.” Mr. Cuchetti “has spent his life in and around music. He was born the eighth child of ten siblings in a very musical family. His family even traveled the country for fifteen years, performing as a…family act. It was through all of this that Tony gained his wide spectrum of musical tastes that would later help craft his own unique sound.”

Joining Tony (vocals, regular acoustic guitar, and percussion) and Joe (Hayburner guitar) is Indiara Sfair on harmonica for track nine.

These three original songs are la crème de la crème, at least according to yours truly.

Track 01: “Mess Around” – Move over, Jimi Hendrix. Joe Flip’s amazing acoustic abilities rival yours on psychedelic electric. Need evidence, folks? Revel in the intro and let your mind run wild. When Tony and Joe launch into a chugga-chugga rhythm, you won’t be able to keep from clapping or stomping along. “Mess Around” all you want; this song’s made for it.

Track 02: “Big River” – A country blues extravaganza, “Big River” is the most danceable, even though its subject – heartbreak – is an everlasting bummer. “Well, I taught the weeping willow how to cry,” reveals Tony, “and I showed the clouds how to cover up a clear blue sky. And the tears I cry for that woman are gonna flood you, Big River, and I’m gonna sit right here until I die.” Shakespeare couldn’t have done better if he’d been a bluesman instead of a playwright.

Track 08: “Lovin’ Biscuits” – Number eight’s as hot as rolls fresh from the oven, guaranteed to whet appetites. Hard-driving and blood-pumping, it’s delicious. Moreover, it nicely displays the contrast between Tony’s conventional acoustic guitar and Joe’s Hayburner.

International Blues Challenge Semifinalists Tony and Joe play some spectacular Tin Can Tunes!

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