The Terry Hanck Band and Friends – Gotta Bring It On Home to You | Album Review

terryhanckcd2 The Terry Hanck Band and Friends – Gotta Bring It On Home to You

 Delta Groove Music, Inc.

 CD: 10 songs; 51:10 Minutes

 Styles: Contemporary and Traditional Saxophone Blues

 The phrase ‘good humor’ has several meanings. When it comes to Chicago native Terry Hanck and his fellow musicians, this refers to the genial mood they exude. Blues music is performed to chase the blues away and lift listeners’ spirits. That’s what Hanck does with his superb saxophone skills on his seventh album, “Gotta Bring It On Home to You.” Terry’s band consists of himself, guitarist Johnny “Cat” Soubrand, bassist Tim Wagar and drummer Butch Cousins. The “friends” whom the album cover references are co-producer and guitarist Chris “Kid” Andersen, guitarist and vocalist Debbie Davies, pianists and organists Jim Pugh, Bob Welsh, and Lorenzo Farrell, Doug James on baritone sax, and background vocalists Lisa Leu Andersen and Dennis Dove. Together they bring an ensemble’s groove to five originals and five covers. Of the former, the following three will have saxophone blues lovers boogie-ing and singing along:

Track 03: “Pins and Needles” – Co-written by Jojo Russo, Terry Hanck, and Chris Andersen, this is a tune for anyone who’s ever been intimidated by an attractive yet capricious partner: “I try to get you loose, get you in the mood, but every time I do you just say I’m a fool. I wine and dine you…not too shabby. I say you’re looking hot, but you say, ‘Cool it, daddy’.”  Jim Pugh plays a mean Farfisa electronic organ, and “Kid’s” mid-song guitar solo, with its staccato notes, brings a jabbering significant other to mind. 

Track 04: “Peace of Mind” – In the CD liner notes Hanck reveals, “Definitely a ‘60s Chicago [Magic Sam] feel and a little slower this time.” Our narrator looks back upon his past relationships and is relieved to have mellowed out: “I’m getting too old, people. Let me tell you the reason why. I need a good memory to keep with all these lies. All of these women in and out of my life – I’m loaded right now, trying to keep up with just one wife!” “Cat” Soubrand’s guitar is the epitome of traditional welling, slow blues, forming this ballad’s backbone.

Track 06: “My Last Teardrop” – The best and most unique thing about soulful number six is its mid-song tempo change. It starts out tenderly, reminiscent of a slow dance at a sock hop, and then explodes into big-band sound. “You can’t hurt me no more, my darling; I’ve got nothing left to feel,” Hanck sings ruefully. “You’ve taken everything from me now, baby, and you’ve turned my heart to steel.” 

On his website, Hanck explains an honor he’s recently earned. He‘s “very humbled and proud to be nominated in the 2014 Blues Music Awards ‘Best Horn’ category!” This follows his 2012 awards for Best Horn and Living Blues’ “Most Outstanding Musician, Horns.” When it comes to sax that can’t be beat, he’s “Gotta Bring It On Home to You”!

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