Paul Demon – Busy Crossroads | Album Review

Paul Demon – Busy Crossroads

self release

13 songs time-57:53

Italian harmonica player-singer Paolo Demontis appears on his new CD as Paul Demon, a more bluesy sounding moniker. I reviewed his unique approach to the blues on his previous release “Loopin’ The Blues” which was released under his given name. He carries on his one man band of vocals, harmonica, percussion and loop station here as well. His way with a harmonica is very well informed and inventive while keeping it bluesy. The loop station and only having a pretty steady beat throughout most songs it limits his style considerably. He manages to vary his harp style enough to keep the music as fresh as possible. His accent makes deciphering some of the lyrics a challenge to say the least.

Many of his songs fall into the incessant beat category, such as “Wake Up” and “Loopin’ The Blues”. “I Hear Woohoo” is an instrumental with mouthed sounds, much like a modern day Sonny Terry. Paul adopts a jazzy virtuosic sound on parts of “Fine Girl” and “I Wanna Be The Devil”, similar to what Charlie Musselwhite does occasionally.

He reverts to harmonica imitations on “Lucky Chicken” and “Loop Train Blues”, utilizing one harmonica for the underlying beat while he plays over the top on it. Your guess is as good as mine as to what “Starfish” is about. What sounds like clicking noises made from his mouth are utilized along with a boogie beat on “Koko Boogie”, where he pulls out his “boogie” voice. On “Alright Babe” and “Rocking” he uses an echo on his harmonica to great effect.

Paul’s harmonica skills can’t be denied, but after two CDs of much the same, it may well be time to add a few musicians into the mix. The absence of guitars is refreshing, but using a real drummer would give more flexibility to the rhythms. Taken in small doses his music is rewarding, but the similar approach throughout tends to get monotonous. His ideas and execution are intriguing, but perhaps it is time for him to flesh out his sound, while still maintaining his creativity and originality. Opened minded people would be advised to keep track of his further endeavors.

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