Paul Boddy & The SlideWinder Blues Band – Friends of Tuesday | Album Review

Paul Boddy & The SlideWinder Blues Band – Friends of Tuesday

SlideWinder Records

6 tracks

Paul Boddy and the SlideWinder Blues Band hail from the Philly burb of Doylestown, PA and the boys have decades of musical experience mixing the sounds of the Texas and Chicago into their brand of blues rock. The SlideWinder Band is a five plus year effort of these seasoned musicians and this is the debut recording effort for them. Pennsylvania Blues Hall of Famers, Boddy and the band are a tight and fun band to listen to. All original music is offered up here.

“Over the Hump” is the big single from Boddy and company and starts the album with some fun and with a nice funky groove. ( CLICK HERE for video.)

The guitar (Paul Boddy) and organ (Glen Hale) lay it out and the humorous lyrics sell this one as Boddy bemoans being old and broken and not being able to do what today’s young folks can do. Relationships gone awry is the topic for “Love Me Darlin,” a blues rocker with lots of guitar and organ as Boddy and backing vocalist Lori Gaston sing about a failed love life.

Every young, single guy can relate to “Money on Love,” a song about hanging out in bars trying to find the love of one’s life. Boddy slips and slides on the guitar as he sings about spending some money on love. “Knockin’ My Boots” is another tongue in cheek cut where Boddy says his date can knock his pants but apparently draws the line when his boots are being criticized. More cool slide, Hale switches to the piano and Tim Shay plays some nice sax here.

Double entendres abound in “Pretty Kitty” and Mikey Jr. adds his greased up harp to this one. The song drives along with a good beat and Boddy wails sweetly on guitar.  The harp is excellent and the organ also shines. “Makin’ Me Cry” closes the set with more failed love life lyrics. A dark, soulful, slow blues, Boddy sings with emotion as Carol and Jeannie Brooks back him on vocals. We get our final dose of wicked slide and organ as the EP closes.

All in all, this is a cool effort. Boddy has a great tone and plays some excellent slide. Chuck Hearne and Jim Bowman are apt on the backline and support the music on all tracks with their bass and drum work as they have for decades for many a fine act. Hale handles the keys with aplomb and the guest and backing musicians add depth to the music.  If you like some rocking blues with hardcore slide and talented musicality all around, then check out the SlideWinders!

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