Justine Blazer – Girl Singing The Blues | Album Review

Justine Blazer – Girl Singing The Blues



10 Tracks – 38 minutes

Justine Blazer grew up in Detroit and started her singing career there in her brother-in-law’s blues band. But a move to Nashville shifted her focus to country music. During that stage of her career, she opened for country stars Jason Aldean, Kathy Mattea, and Lonestar among others. She was a Grammy contender in 2021 for seven categories: Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Producer of the Year, Best Arrangement, Best New Artist, Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance. She has had seven previous #1 singles on the independent charts.

Now after seven previous country albums, her eighth album, released on August 30, 2022, becomes her debut blues album. The album was #1 on the iTunes Top 100 Blues Albums, #1 on the Amazon Best Sellers and New Releases, and was on the Billboard charts for three weeks where it peaked at #18. Justine said “I feel like this is some of my best work to date. Being originally from Detroit, I grew up around the blues, R&B and Motown.” The album contains ten original songs written or co-written by Justine and was produced, mixed and mastered by her.

The album opens with a horn driven R&B number straight out of Motown, “Pretend in The Dark” with her soulful voice expressing that everything is alright. On a soulful ballad she says it will be a “Cold Day in Hell” “…when I go running back to you” as Kirk Wakely’s piano and Alan Baker’s organ underscores the song before Larry Mitchell’s guitar rings out.

She then delivers a positive message on a more poppish “Big Bright Beautiful Day” with Claudette King (B.B. King’s Daughter) joining her on vocals and Syreeta Thompson adding a jazzy trumpet. She returns to a more soulful and jazzy song as she is crying “Tears of Blue” and they won’t stop over you. Suzanne Grzanna provides some soft sax work emphasizing her sadness.

The “Sound of My Heels” rocks out as she states, “that this is the last sound you hear from me as I walk out that door.” Lou Molitch’s guitar booms out throughout the song and Luke Mosely adds a nice organ run. Next, she offers a little story about learning lessons the “Hard Way” that has something of a country feel. A soft “Between Here and Gone” offers a duet with Damian Wyldes that continues to blur the line between country and the blues.

“Bad Love” again rocks out as she laments “that I thought you were the one that would always be there”.  Natalie Jean joins on a duet on “Never Get Away” as she notes that “I love you! I hate You” “You always break my heart, but I will never betray you.” as Kirk Wakeley’s piano drives the song. The title song offers a soft, jazzy conclusion with her declaration that she is just a “Girl Singing the Blues”.

Justine’s voice is certainly enjoyable and draws you in constantly and clearly shows her current country influences.

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